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For those new to the Aspierations blog and also for those returning, I have put together a list of some of my popular blog postings.  Popular is somewhat subjective so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. If you follow my blog for long enough, you'll find that I tend to write about a variety of different topics.

Being the mom of two sons on the autism spectrum and a fellow traveler myself with Asperger's Syndrome (not diagnosed until my 40s), I certainly enjoy writing about family experiences.  You'll see a lot of that at Aspierations. I love my kiddos Justin and Ryan very much and my husband John is pretty awesome too so you will see that I journal a variety of our family adventures, especially if there is humor involved.

I also sometimes need a place to just be quirky and let it all out, so don't be surprised if you read some random ramblings. I come as I am. I let my light shine... sometimes it shines many different colors!

I am also a strong advocate for autism awareness, acceptance and Autism Empowerment, so much so that my husband and I founded Autism Empowerment as a nonprofit of the same name in June 2011. The four pillars of our foundation are Accept, Enrich, Inspire & Empower. We received our 501 (c)(3) status in September 2011 and are officially a tax-exempt publicly funded charity.  We're in start-up stages and have many programs in development, however in order to implement them, we are seeking funding and grants so if you are in a position to help with that or know someone who is, we appreciate the help!  I'm sure to be blogging about our journey in the nonprofit world here at Aspierations but most of the Autism Empowerment content will be at the Autism Empowerment website or Facebook page.

Please consider this a sampling of Aspierations - Come As You Are, Let Your Light Shine. Check back periodically as I may add new favorites and samples.

Thanks for stopping by!

One Aspie Mom's Thoughts & Aspierations on Acceptance and Empowerment for Those With Autism Spectrum Disorder - 2/6/10 (I should do an update on this as here I am now in 11/11 and I have learned so much more.)

To be continued.... 

If you have any other favorites or suggestions for blogs, just leave a note (anonymous is fine) in the comments section of my blog.