Thursday, April 8, 2010

Autism Does Not Define Me - A Poem by Karen Krejcha

Hello Aspierations blog visitors!

I felt like mixing it up a little.  Here is today's entry in support of Autism Awareness Month and my Aspierations. 


Accept me for who I am,
Understand that I may not always get what you're saying.
Trust that God has me here for a reason;
I am an amazing human being.
Socially, I might not fit in with society's expectations.
Mentoring can help me along the way.

Don't forget that I have feelings even if I don't express them.
Opportunities for my happiness are indeed possible.
Educate and encourage me without prejudice.
Show patience and kindness along the way.

Never give up trying to "get" me
Ostracizing me will just shut me down.
Take time to try and come into my world.

Defining me as my diagnosis ignores my essence and best qualities.
Emerging talents may arise when you least expect them.
Friendship and honesty is valued to me more than you can imagine.
I am in need of love and tenderness too.
Never let me give up, especially when you see my mood shift.
Expect the unexpected and watch me enrich your life.

Many people will read this and I pray millions will act.
Embrace and empower someone with Autism today. 

Autism Does Not Define Me

Written 4/8/2010, copyright 2010, Karen Krejcha

When I wrote this tonight, I was reflecting upon my own life being on the autism spectrum with Asperger's Syndrome, however I was also thinking about my sons Justin (10), and Ryan (3), who are both on the autism spectrum. 

Please let me know what you think and if you like it, please feel free to share and pass it along!


  1. You have a ton of Talent. Great Job!

  2. This is wonderful Karen! Please, keep writing and sharing!

  3. Hi!

    Thank you so very much for your nice compliments! I do appreciate them and hope you'll stop by again! :)


  4. I am truly touched by this poem. It means so much to me, and I am sure there are plenty of people who will feel the same way. Great job!

  5. Hi Kathy!

    Your comments made me smile! It means so much to know that my poem touched you. Thank you so much for your encouragement!!


  6. Beautiful and very well said!!! ox

  7. That is beautiful and I love it! I would love to post your poem on my blog if I have your permission. I am wanting to do quite a few post's on Autism in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

    My 11 year old son was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 10 and your poem really touches me.

  8. Hi Krista and Heather,

    Thanks so much for your kind compliments!

    Heather, I am flattered you would like to post my poem on your blog and you certainly have my permission to do so. If you have a link to your blog you'd like to share, please feel free to do so.

    My oldest son with Aspergers is now 11 as well and being on the "middle school" journey has been quite an adventure.

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll visit again!

  9. wonderfully stated and Beautifully Written! I would Love to Post this on my Blog, with Your permission!

    My son is almost 12, and was diagnosed with Autism when He was 3, what a Journey it continues to be!

  10. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. I'm very glad that you enjoyed my poem and I would be honored to have you post it on your blog. You definitely have my permission!

    If your son happens to be involved in scouting or you're thinking about that for him, my husband John has an Autism and Scouting group at Facebook that you (and any other blog visitors) welcome to check out!

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll be back again!


  11. Thank you Karen!
    I will check out that facebook group, and will tell my husband about it as well! He has talked about getting our son involved in boy scouts for a few years now! Thank you for the Info!

  12. Hi Rachel,
    You're very welcome! Scouting has done some amazing things for our son in terms of developing confidence, making friendships and increasing his sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. If you ever have any questions about scouting, just drop a line to my husband, John at the Autism and Scouting Facebook group or visit his blog at and search on scouting.

  13. I saw tonight in a People magazine article that Alexis Wineman the Miss Montana candidate for Miss America said, "Autism Does Not Define Me", I define it. I ended up coming across this poem of yours online and it is so beautiful, Karen. As are you, Alexis Wineman and all sorts of women with autism or aspergers or PDD / NOS. You should be proud of your autism but not let it define you.

  14. This is wonderful and I thank you for this wonderful poem. I will be using it for Bullying prevention, as it pertains to children with ADHD and ASD. I believe that adults can be bullies also, and it stems from their ignorance of the facts! Bless you and your family!!