Autism Empowerment

Here is a little information about our non-profit, Autism Empowerment. 
Autism Empowerment is an educational and charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity serving those of all ages and abilities within the Autism and Asperger communities. 
Founded in June 2011 in Vancouver, Washington by a family with 3 out of 4 traveling daily along on the autism spectrum, we are excited and honored to have the opportunity to service the local, national and international autism community.  Come join us on our journey.
By developing and providing programs, projects, support and resources to individuals, families, caregivers and educators that promote acceptance, improve life skills and encourage self-advocacy and empowerment, we seek to support and inspire those on the autism spectrum to reach their highest potential.
The four foundational pillars of Autism Empowerment are AcceptEnrich,Inspire and Empower.  
Accept - We strongly promote the unconditional acceptance of those on the autism spectrum and with related disorders. By accepting each spectrum traveler for who they are, where they are, we are promoting both autism acceptance and autism awareness.
Enrich - Our goal is to provide educational resources, programs and tools to improve and enhance life skills for those on the autism spectrum as well as their families, caregivers, therapists and teachers. We aspire to make life more meaningful and rewarding.
Inspire - We dedicate ourselves to be a positive, uplifting organization that encourages and celebrates success in all individuals. We believe each person on the autism spectrum has the opportunity to make a positive difference in this world.
Empower - We strive to empower those on the autism spectrum to achieve a higher quality of life academically, emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually.
We are a publicly funded non-profit corporation depending on the generosity of the public to fund our programs. We offer a number ways to give and get involved and we welcome your suggestions and referrals! Thank you for your generosity and support. Together we can promote acceptance, enrichment, inspiration and empowerment within and outside the autism / Asperger's communities.
Thank you for visiting!  We look forward to having you back again in the future!
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