Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Back to The Write Stuff at Aspierations

Hello Aspierations Friends!

I have been spending so much time focusing on the growth and sustainability of Autism Empowerment, that I have not been personally blogging here at Aspierations - Come As You Are, Let Your Light Shine.

I miss that.

I have a tendency to tell myself that I can blog at Aspierations after I get "such and such done" and only if I accomplish "this and that."

For those that know me, I am pretty high energy and for the past year, it seems there isn't a week that has gone by where I don't have a variety of projects, programs, blogs, books, meetings, trainings and events to be working on.

It is quite a different life than a few years ago, when I had a tendency to isolate myself from the community. I still had stuff going on but it was different stuff. Business stuff.

Now my "stuff" can be categorized into "God stuff", "family stuff", "Autism Empowerment stuff", "Autism Empowerment Radio stuff", "volunteer stuff", "networking stuff", "Count Your Beans stuff (our online retail / eBay / Amazon business which we're moving soon from full-time to part-time)" and at 1 a.m. each night, "decompress and watch TV for an hour stuff."

I kind of feel that just spending a few minutes here writing, I'm cheating on some of the other "stuff" I could and should and would have been doing.

I forget that writing stuff is important stuff too... as is exercise stuff and the things that I need to do to take care of myself so that I can be the best me I can for my sons, my husband, my parents and for the Autism and Asperger community.

My point? It's time to do the WRITE stuff!

So like it or not, you're going to see more writing from me on a regular basis. A little bit of humor (intentional and unintentional), a little bit of plugging what is going on at Autism Empowerment and Autism Empowerment Radio, a little bit of what is going on parenting my 6 1/2 and 13 year old sons and a chunk of planned randomness (yes, that was meant to confuse you) about my life as an Aspie.

What "regular basis" constitutes at this point, I don't want to promise but I truly love writing and it seems like most of the writing I'm doing nowadays constitutes grant-writing, business writing, emails to individuals who contact Autism Empowerment or daily emails back and forth with customers of Count Your Beans.

That creative outlet which I want so much to be able to let out at Aspierations needs to take better form. Heck, I need to take better form and I'll be talking about that soon as well. A weighty matter for sure...

I do have some exciting news!  If you've been a reader of Aspierations for awhile, you may remember the poem that I wrote and posted on this blog back in April of 2010, "Autism Does Not Define Me" that was written during Autism Awareness month and dedicated to my two sons who like me are diagnosed on the autism spectrum and journey on the road less traveled.

(As an aside, did you see how Alexis Wineman who is Miss Montana and recently competed in the Miss America pageant used the phrase "autism does not define me, I define it" in recent interviews? I thought that was interesting and am proud of Alexis for all her accomplishments and for being such a lovely advocate inside and out for the autism community. Once things are a little less hectic, I'm going to invite her as a guest onto Autism Empowerment Radio.)

Back to my story. Last year I saw a posting on a blog that Chicken Soup for the Soul was going to be publishing a book in April of 2013 called, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Raising Kids on the Spectrum - 101 Inspirational Stories for Parents with Children with Autism and Asperger's and the publisher was looking for submissions from parents who were raising children with Autism and/or Asperger's.

You could submit a story or a poem so I submitted my Autism Does Not Define Me poem along with a story that explained the inspiration behind my writing and I learned recently that my submission has made it to the final round and there is a very good chance it will be published as one of the 101 stories! COOL!

They won't be making a final decision until about a month before but I'm sure hoping it will be one of the choices! The poem meant a lot to me and was always something I wanted to see published and/or made into a children's book. I have always been a fan of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books and own a number in my home library.

No matter whether my writing makes the final publication or not, I do recommend purchasing the book as it will be out at the start of April for Autism Acceptance and Awareness month. You can pre-order now through (They even have it on sale, BONUS!)

When I'm not blogging personally, I do try to post a couple times a day on Facebook / Twitter with things of interest to the Autism / Asperger community.

The one for my blog is:

If you're a really social media kinda gal or guy and like spreading the word and connecting others together, we'd appreciate your referrals, likes and shares. We are truly interested in building a positive and vibrant, collective and collaborative, inspired and empowered autism and Asperger community and we want you and those you know within your circles to be a part of that vision!

I also have been enjoying hosting Autism Empowerment Radio. I have interviewed some really amazing and inspirational people and all our broadcasts are available for free listening in archive.

We finished up 2012 with 40 shows and have 3 under our belts this year so far. As I mentioned, we're available to listen to for free at and you can also subscribe for free and download our podcast at iTunes:

Guests of our radio show also receive a free book from Brian Tashima, author of Secret of the Songshell, a young adult sci-fi fantasy book featuring a teenage musician on the autism spectrum who travels to an alternate world and use his abilities and unique talents for good!  Recently a finalist in the 2012 USA Best Books Awards for Fantasy Fiction, this book was a favorite with our teenage son and with his Mom & Dad as well!

If you're interested in being on our show or know of someone who would make a great guest, please feel free to connect with me at any of the above links or through Autism Empowerment.

I hope to be sharing more of my writing stuff with you soon! It is SO WONDERFUL blogging again (even if I end up being the only one to read it, ha.) Feel free to share what stuff is going on in your life!

I'm thankful for you stopping by! / Which one is the turkey?
 You pick the caption!

I am grateful!