Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Ponderings - High temperature, not temper

Today is Labor Day and I promised myself when I woke up that I would not work all day. For many people, this would be easy.  I tend to take the road less traveled!

I promised myself that I would take some time with the family and then at some point, I would blog.  I feel bummed that I haven't written much over the past few months but now that the boys are back in school (YIPPEE!), I know I'll be blogging more often.

I love my boys SO MUCH but this has been quite a busy and exhausting summer!  Justin started 7th grade last Wednesday and Ryan started Kindergarten on Friday. Adventure!! Tomorrow they'll both be back in school again.  Ryan started on Friday with just 8 kids but tomorrow there will be 26 in his class. YIKES!

I do already have stories to share about our sons' first days.  That will likely be coming in my next blog.  In the interim, to catch up on Krejcha family news, check out my husband John's September 4th blog:

This was a week of New Starts

1st day of 7th grade!

Ryan heads off to his 1st day of Kindergarten!

John has been much better at keeping up to date on his blog with the happenings in our household.  I'm really proud of him and grateful that he is doing that.  If you want to find out what we did over the summer, just check out:

Today when I woke up, I thought I might blog right away but I have a tendency to want to answer my email first.  Unfortunately that tends to mean I get caught up in work for a number of hours.

I noticed throughout the day that I was doing very well at laboring on Labor Day but not so well at relaxing.  This is a regular struggle for me but I am aware of it.

As I was working in our home office, I realized that the 90+ degree temperature outside was soon going to feel like 100+ in our office.  Some people enjoy the heat. They lay out in the sun. They go hang out at the beach. They actually enjoy temperatures above 90 degrees.

Our family does not fall into the above category.  We get grouchy when it is hot. Humidity causes us to lose our humility. We melt down.  We would do well to hang out in a cold shower on days like today. In fact, one of the reasons we moved to Washington state four years ago was because our family functions better mentally, physically and emotionally in cooler temperatures.

We've had a pretty mild summer here in Washington.  Compared to the rest of the country, we have been very fortunate.  When hot days like today come up, I try and take them in stride and make sure that our family doesn't try to have many heavy, deep and real conversations.  It's already heated in temperature, it doesn't need to be heated in temperament!

Part of the reason that I have not blogged much lately is aside from the fact that it's a bit challenging to write with gusto with the kids in the same room for much of the time in the evenings, John and I are really trying to focus hard on moving inventory at our dolls & bears business, Count Your Beans.  It has been a very slow year and although we always try and stay optimistic, when we go through financial challenges, I feel like I have to spend even more time on work.  I try and turn over my burdens to God but I feel so much personal responsibility and accountability for the financial stability and happiness of our family that even though I trust God, those workaholic tendencies still come into play.  At least I am aware of it!  I embrace my challenges.  

That being said, John and I really look forward to when we will hear back from the IRS regarding the determination of the 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status for our newly founded non profit corporation, Autism Empowerment.  I am confident we will be approved, however it's the waiting period that makes me feel like I'm in limbo.  We have a lot of amazing programs in development we want to share with our Aspierations friends.  We also need to start raising funds for Autism Empowerment, to develop our website and I need to make time to write grants. I feel Autism Empowerment is my calling and although I know it will all come together, I can't help but feel really anxious to get the ball rolling a bit faster!  We see the need for so many services and really want to help make a difference in our community, nationwide and worldwide.  

If I could figure a way to get all the ideas in my head automatically transferred to paper... well, there'd probably be a paper shortage!

I look forward to blogging again soon!  If any of my former Aspierations readers are still hanging around, I wish you the very best and hope your families are doing well!  Thanks for being patient with me!  It will be worth it, I promise...

Best wishes,