Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recent Catch Up from Ryan's Birthday Weekend

As I look around the home office / upstairs playroom right now, I see my husband sitting at his computer with headphones on with his shirt off, I see my oldest son sitting at his computer with his headphones on and shirt off, I see my youngest sitting next to his brother with most of his clothes off and then there is me... (I'm dressed... just in case you were wondering!)

We're not the biggest social bunch... at least not at this moment.

It's hot... something different here in Washington that we haven't experienced much of in 2011. As such, this new change in temperature has also led to a change of temperament in the family.  It's not one for the better... Hot grouchy people of German descent make for some sour Krauts!  

Part of the reason we moved to the Northwest is that our family appreciates cooler weather. Like most people, we function a lot better when we're feeling physically comfortable and rising temperature really affects our family.  We enjoy walking outside together as a family during clear days in the 50's and 60's. We're usually okay with the rain too as long as we're not out driving while it's heavy. 

Two days ago on June 2nd we went outside to help exercise with Justin and help him improve his time in his walk / run fit test.  We felt a couple drops of rain as we started the first lap around our block.  No big deal... a walk in light rain can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately every ten seconds or so the rain fell harder.  The progressive increase in the strength of the rain in such a short period of time was quite unusual. Rather than complete the 3 laps we had intended, by the time we were done with our first, we were all completely soaked and thus, the fit test was put off for another day.  

As I sit here and type, Ryan is actively trying to get someone's attention to play hide and go seek with him. (I am usually the house "someone" or "somebody"... as in "SOMEBODY please get me juice!", however in this case, Ryan is interested in engaging his brother.) Hide and Seek has recently taken over Goofball in popularity (for shame) but hasn't quite taken over the top spot of our nightly before bedtime game of Scooby Snacks. (In case you're wondering how to play Scooby Snacks, it's really very simple.  One person is hungry for eating Scooby snacks and the rest of the game playing members are "the snacks". If they get caught by "Scooby", they get eaten.  We also sing a variation of the Scooby Doo theme song as we play the game... or at least Ryan and I do.

Unless someone has been sick, there has not been a Scooby Snacks or Hide and Seek game free day for over a month... 

Of course our family doesn't play the "traditional" game of hide and go seek.  As with any of our family games there are special silly rules that make it our own.  For example, how many games of hide and go seek have you played where the hider tells you before the game starts where he is going to be hiding?  Kind of changes strategy around a bit, doesn't it? (Strategy???)

Ryan wanting us to play has been going on most of the afternoon and evening and has led to a variety of hide and seek games, video game time, some imaginative make it up as you go along games and Ryan's new favorite board game, Chutes and Ladders.

The #1 gift from Ryan's 5th birthday!

Fortunately, now that I have placated Ryan with a glass of juice, he is playing nicely on the floor with his number one special interest, CARS!  Did you know that CARS 2 the movie is coming on June 24th? We're going to try and find a sensory friendly showing in the movie theater because this is one movie that Ryan does not want to miss!

When I wrote my blog yesterday, I mentioned I had a bit of catch up to do about things going on in our personal and business lives.  In closing tonight's blog, I wanted to share a few pictures below from Ryan's recent birthday weekend. I enjoy sharing glimpses of our lives with others and should any family members, friends or people we know happen in here, we hope you enjoy the opportunity to share in some of our fun moments as well.

Children's Museum in the play grocery store with John, Grandma and the boys

That will be $232.81!

Not afraid to get a little egg on my face! I think the tiger shirt gives it away though.

Mom, what kind of phone is this?

The water play area is always a hit!

Sharing a little drama for their mama!

3D photo frame!

We were MOOved by the adventure!

I may not be a big fan of warmer temperatures but I sure do love my family!!
For who they are...
where they are...

Letting their lights shine!!!
Until next time,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy June - It's almost Summer Break!

Wow, I just looked at the date of my last blog and it's already been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I have lots to talk about and will be doing updates over the weekend.

May was one of those months where we had LOTS of stuff going on.  There were IEP meetings, Kindergarten Orientation, Ryan's birthday, a house guest, support groups, Boy Scouts and camping for Justin and John, the normal Count Your Beans work stuff and of course, the challenge in trying to plan activities for upcoming summer break so the boys can have fun in various day camp activities and we can have fun with them while still being able to work.  The boys aren't out of school for another week and a half but they're both looking forward to plenty of time to play and relax over the summer.

Our youngest son Ryan had an amazing 5th birthday!  His Grandma Jan from Florida was in town for the weekend and it was a real treat for both Justin and Ryan to spend time with her.  We went to the Portland Children's Museum the day before his birthday and Chuck E. Cheese (of course) on his special day. I will share more about that weekend adventure in the near future...

For now, I'm just checking in to say hi and let you know that I'm still here and I'm definitely thinking of my Aspierations friends.  In fact, I have some special news about Aspierations - Come As You Are... Let Your Light Shine that I plan to share in about a week or so.

John and I took a big step tonight.  We are both very excited and have been working on this in our spare time over the past couple months.  The news is BIG so stay tuned!

Best wishes for a great weekend!