Saturday, May 29, 2010

Belated Birthday Photos from Ryan's 4th Birthday

Hi Aspierations Friends!

Today I am sharing a few photos from Ryan's 4th birthday last Saturday, May 22nd.  But before I do, how about a photo from his ORIGINAL birthday?

This photo of Ryan was taken at the hospital shortly before he was released.

He sort of has an Austin Powers thing going on.  Personally, I've always said that he started thinking early about how to get into mischief!!!!

I have a lot to catch up on and I'm hoping to do some power blogging on Sunday and Monday.  My husband John did a great blog recap of Ryan's 4th birthday last Saturday.   There are lots of fun pictures and a link to a video on Facebook where he is blowing out the candle on his cake!

Ryan had an amazing birthday from start to finish.  We spent an hour in Open Jump time at JJJump, about two and a half hours at Chuck E Cheese and some quality cake and presents time at home with Justin, Dad and Mom.  As a special treat, Ryan got to talk to Gram, Grandpa and Gramma Jan on the phone.  We miss the grandparents very much and always love the chance to talk with them!

I'm so proud of my little guy!  He loves being 4!

Justin and Ryan are climbing the inflatables at JJJump in Vancouver.  Cool Place!  Lots of fun!

After JJJump, we went to CHUCK E CHEESE.  Ryan had requested this for months!!!

Justin made a special DVD for Ryan for his birthday! He even incorporated the last season's music and intro of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains so that Ryan could play the "Name the Cast" game and dance to the music!

All in all, it was a wonderful day and evening!  Don't forget to check John's blog.  Not only did he include additional photos from Ryan's special day, but there is the story of his birth and ultrasound photos!

I invite you to check it out!

More blogging later this weekend! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ryan's last Rambunctious Day at Age 3!

Look Mom!  I colored my belly button GREEN!!!

Hello Aspierations Blog Friends!

Today I come to you feeling proud but admittedly a bit melancholy.  Today is my youngest son's last day of being 3 years old.  To celebrate his last day of being three, he ran into the office today in his birthday suit!  Granted it was a bit premature but why not start the celebration early???

Ryan is an amazing kiddo and although he is quite a big boy turning 4 on Saturday, he is and will always be my baby.  Mommy's blue-eyed BaBa...

Ryan has been looking forward to his birthday for months!  It is exciting to see!  This is the first time we've seen such continuous excitement from him regarding a special occasion. When Ryan was diagnosed with autism almost two years ago, he wasn't speaking and he was doing very basic signs.  Imaginative play was something we could only imagine.  That being said, his smile still lit up the room and when his big blue eyes met mine, I felt connected.  My husband John and I weren't sure what the future held for him but we were and are very hopeful.  He has come so far these past couple of years!  It brings me to tears...

We want to make this a very Happy Birthday for him.  Ryan's favorite color is ORANGE, his special interest is CARS and one of his favorite foods is PIZZA so we're going to have a small family party that incorporates all three.

John, Justin, Ryan and I will be taking Ryan to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow for pizza, punch and plenty of playtime!  Ryan has been there a few times and he always lights up!  We went there for Justin's 10th Birthday Party, Ryan's Preschool Fundraiser and again for Ryan's 3rd birthday last year.  Why argue with a successful venture? 

We had to get a new digital camera today because our old one lost an important switch on it and there was no way we were not going to capture Ryan's special day.  Fortunately the cost of digital cameras has come down in recent years and what you get for the money has gone up so if I can spend a bit of time figuring this thing out, I'll hopefully have some photos to post here tomorrow evening after Ryan goes to bed!

Here's to you, Ryan Jonathan!!!!  Mommy, Daddy & Justin Love YOU!  You're a GREAT EGG and a wonderful CHILD!  BONUS!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day at the Krejcha House

Hello Aspierations Blog Visitors!

After my 30 day streak of blogging in April, I took a little break at the beginning of May but am back now!  Initially, I had only intended to have a 1 or 2 day break but then we got a huge shipment of back-ordered inventory for our Count Your Beans business and the whole first week of May became incredibly crazy.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you Moms, Grams, Grammas and Grandmas out there!  Very special wishes go out to my own amazing MOM who is so incredibly thoughtful and means more to me than I'll ever be able to express in words!  I was also happy to hear from my beautiful birthmom who gave me life and my wonderful mother-in-law who gave my husband life.  Happy Mother's Day to my sisters and sister-in-laws, aunts, grandma-in-laws, great-grandma-in-laws and all female relatives and friends who are Moms!  Happy Mother's Day to all our doll friends, school friends, bowling friends, Aspierations friends and those of you out there reading this who I've never met.  :-)

It was a wonderful day here!  We hope your day was very special too!

We went to church in the morning and heard a very good sermon about being a Super Mom as well as pondering one of the original super moms, Mary! 

We had a relaxing afternoon and evening at home playing Monopoly on the Wii, eating yummy take-out from Old Spaghetti Factory, watching the season finale of The Amazing Race and doing relatively little work.  I even snuck in a couple quick naps!

In these photos, I still look very tired!  This is after a VERY long week and was pre-nap!

Thanks so much for the flowers, John & the great gifts, Justin, Ryan, Mom & Dad!

I was so proud of Justin and Ryan.  Their behavior all day was really amazing.  (John's was too. Thanks HONEY!)  Justin made me a special Mother's Day video & computer presentation that he burned onto a DVD for us to watch.  Justin is so incredibly talented and I was honored that he took the time to make this for me.

Justin made a homemade card and special DVD for me.

Ryan brought home from school a little picture frame that he made with beans and in the middle of the frame was a cute photo of him at school. He also made a little paper plate teapot at church.

Here's a pic below of me and Ryan with Ryan's card that he handmade.  Ryan had a little help with the printing from Dad but the coloring inside was all his and in his favorite color, orange!  By the way, John took about 8 photos of me and Ryan and he was a real wiggly pants the whole time.  This was the 8th one. Can you tell I'm just hoping he'd take the darn picture?!? 

I had a very nice talk with my Mom and Dad on the phone soon after these pictures were taken.  Thank you guys again for all your generosity and love!  Mom, I hope you were able to have fun shopping and treat yourself to something special!

After lunch, which John kindly made and brought to my desk (peanut butter sandwiches and homemade brownies from Mom), I took a nap where I had a hallucination / dream about work.  Those kind of dreams are really unsatisfying, especially on a day one is supposed to be relaxing! 

Later on after we played our Monopoly game on the Wii (congrats, Justin, I almost had you!!!!!), John took the boys to Old Spaghetti Factory to pick up our food so we could eat at home.  While they did that, I took a really quick BONUS nap and really appreciated my good fortune when I had no dreams at all that I could remember!

By the way, although we occasionally do go out to eat, it is SO much easier eating at home than in a restaurant and the boys are almost always well-behaved at the dinner table.  We make it a point to eat at the dinner table every night and it really gives us some quality time together to talk about our day, practice social skills and to bond.  Justin is in charge of getting everyone water and Ryan gets everyone their napkins.  Both boys clear their dishes when they're done.  It all works out very nicely!

Later on in the evening after the kiddos got off to bed, I answered a few emails and received some sweet Mother's Day wishes from some special doll friends.  I then ventured to Facebook to post a couple Happy Mother's Day follow-up notes and was ready to shut down for the night.

John and I ended the evening watching the Celebrity Apprentice on TiVo.  We do enjoy our reality TV.  The main shows we watch are Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Celebrity Apprentice and Big Brother.  It's one of those vices that allows us to escape from a hectic day and we almost always have a little winding down time watching TV together before snoozing. 

It was all in all, a very relaxing Mother's Day!

I look forward to writing again soon!  Thanks for stopping by!