Sunday, August 5, 2012

Autism Empowerment & Autism and Scouting Radio now on iTunes

Hello Aspierations Friends,

I am absolutely thrilled to share that broadcasts from both Autism Empowerment Radio & Autism and Scouting Radio are now available to listen to free through iTunes.

We launched our radio stations in June. I am hosting the Autism Empowerment Radio station and my husband John hosts Autism and Scouting Radio.  This is SO exciting for us.

Subscribe / download our podcasts here (and please rate us positively if you like us!)

iTunes - Autism Empowerment Radio

iTunes - Autism and Scouting Radio

As you may see, I haven't been blogging much lately, something which I will make the time for again soon because I love to write and have so much content I want to share with you. Right now it's a matter of priority alignment and hat juggling.

I've been very busy at both Autism Empowerment (my calling) and trying to take care of life stuff (like those pesky bills that keep popping up each month) through Count Your Beans. I've been actively volunteering as much as I can make time for and I'm doing my very best to spend lots of quality time with the kiddos.

I have found that I tend to be a bit anal with my writing. I will write and then rewrite and then rewrite some more, editing until I finally realize (yet again each time) that my writing, like myself will never be perfect. I don't know how many blogs I've started and have left in draft mode but this is not one of them.  I'm making positive changes for the better.  I'm developing a stronger personal relationship with God each day.

And... I finally got off my derriere and launched Autism Empowerment Radio.

I Love It.
What a great way to connect and get important content out there.

What an easy way to connect parents, doctors, teachers, caregivers and individuals with resources they can plug into today and start implementing immediately.

What a super way to reach individuals and families impacted by Autism and Asperger's worldwide.

It's fun, it's making a difference and compared to a lot of the other programs in my notebooks that I eventually plan to launch once funding is possible, Autism Empowerment Radio is relatively inexpensive.

Which for right now is good because the one thing I continually need to be working on (and yet find so many other areas calling my time) is fundraising for our organization.

Can I just admit I'd much rather work on programs, ideas, support and strategies that help change lives for the better?  Can I just admit that when it comes to asking other people for money, I need some mentorship?

Today I was woken up at 4:30 a.m. inspired and driven to write a letter to someone I greatly respect and feel connected to. There was no way I was going back to sleep and four hours later (yeah, I have a good idea what you might be thinking), I strongly believe that if the person I wrote to takes time from his amazingly busy schedule to read what I wrote, he will get my effort, my vision, my passion and my calling. I strongly believe he'll get it on many levels.  This is a well-respected individual who has the financial means, charisma and intellectual know-how to help us take Autism Empowerment from small but shining to large and exceptional.

I've never sent such a letter... but I was compelled to do so.

You see, I KNOW that Autism Empowerment is meant to do GREAT things. This isn't ego, this is a calling, an absolutely certainty that is backed up by Aspie logic and hyperfocused attention. Admittedly, I'm not always the best at reading maps, so I'm needing my GPS (God Positioning System) to help keep me aligned and not go off track.  Even with that, I'm fallible and still veer off course.  My desire to want to change the world and help everyone often takes me away from relaxing, taking things one step at a time and moving slowly.

Time... we all have 24 hours in the day.  I want to make the most of mine.

Autism Empowerment Radio & Autism and Scouting Radio -- our guests thus far have been amazing, each following their effort and doing something special with their lives.

Check us out on iTunes by searching for "Autism Empowerment".  Check us out online at the following links: - Autism Empowerment Radio - Autism and Scouting Radio

If using an Apple product (like an iPhone or iPad) or something that won't accept a 30 second flash ad in advance of the show, please subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes.

iTunes - Autism Empowerment Radio

iTunes - Autism and Scouting Radio

Listen to internet radio with Autism Empowerment Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Autism and Scouting Radio on Blog Talk Radio

And I would be remiss if I didn't ask you to consider a donation to Autism Empowerment of any size. We need you and your support to continue our work, to allow us to follow our effort, to implement programs, to share resources, to promote Acceptance, Enrichment, Inspiration and Empowerment within the Autism and Asperger communities. (you can donate online)

If you prefer snail mail:

Autism Empowerment
P.O. Box 871676
Vancouver, WA 98687

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and tax-exempt. Our EIN # is 45-2455219. The programs and services we have offered thus far have all been free and we hope to continue it that was as much as possible.

So while you have a moment, we hope you'll check out Autism Empowerment Radio.  We hope (especially if the person I wrote to makes the choice to be on-board) to eventually have Autism Empowerment TV as well.  Yes, I wrote that. No one will ever accuse me of not letting my light shine while shooting for the stars!

Thank you!

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  1. I do hope you find the financial help your organization needs to expand. Asking for money is not an easy thing to do, especially for an Aspergirl like yourself.