Friday, April 13, 2012

Prayers for my parents

Today my blog is a simple one. I am asking for prayers for my Mom & Dad. A few weeks ago my dad fell and cracked his pelvis. He is 81. The healing process has been much slower than we had hoped or anticipated. Out of respect for the privacy of my parents I will not go into great detail here. God knows the details. What I appreciate is your kind prayers and thoughts being sent his way.

I pray for healing for my Dad.  I pray God heals his pelvis and all other ailments.
I pray for healing for my Mom and comfort.
I pray for strength for my parents emotionally and physically.
I pray for wisdom and guidance and the right words to say.
I pray for God's grace and healing power.
I pray for courage and love in their hearts while apart.
I pray for the opportunity to be able to have our family be able to see them soon.
I pray for strengthened bonds.

It hurts so much to know that my parents are going through pain.  So many other things seem so trivial... please help me keep my priorities clear and my perspective in alignment.

I know my parents want me to try and keep my routine with the boys as much as possible, take lots of pictures and share lots of stories of their adventures. It helps brighten their day and the humor of our daily travels helps bring a bit of levity.

Please help me make the healthiest choices and the wisest choices. Please may I follow your calling and not get misdirected.  It is so easy to feel confused, especially when emotions are heightened. Help me sort through the pain and overload so that I can be the best daughter possible, the best mother possible, the best wife possible and the best steward of my resources.

Thank you for loving my parents. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for connecting us. When they wanted a child so long ago, we were connected together through adoption.  We built a life together through love. I am so blessed for the years we have together. I pray for many more...


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