Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Blessings To All - 2012

Hello and Happy Easter!

I hope that you were able to enjoy a special day. Our family was a bit exhausted (okay, John and I were very exhausted but the kids were just fine) but we went over to church, enjoyed a lovely service and then came home to relax and decompress.

If you're just hopping onto my blog, John and I hosted Autism Empowerment's 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt yesterday afternoon, April 7th, 2012 at McKenzie Stadium in Vancouver, WA.  Washington weather had been rainy and iffy most of the week but Saturday was a beautiful afternoon and the turnout reflected families getting out and enjoying some fresh air and hopefully some love and acceptance with fellow guests.

As I was on the microphone (my ears are still ringing but it's all good!!!), I didn't have a chance to play photographer so we didn't get very many photos taken but we did get a few and posted them at Autism Empowerment's Facebook page: - Can you do me a favor please? I'd appreciate it if you'd "Like" our Autism Empowerment Facebook page and share with your social networks.  Thanks!  We're trying to get the number of likes up to 500 by the end of the month.  :-)

There was this ADORABLE kid (okay, all the kids there were pretty darn amazing) who was on the Channel 6 news last night getting eggs at the hunt. He was using a special walker (forgive me if the terminology is wrong) and for such a little guy (maybe 3??), he had some major speed and one of the most joyous smiles! Such a little light! I need to try and get that film so you guys can see it too.  There were some things at the event that hadn't gone as planned and some people that weren't treated by other parents the way that we would like them to have been treated and so John and I were very sad yesterday evening.  It really helped to see that little boy's face on the news and know he was so happy.  I want to make sure that every attendee in our future events experiences those moments of glee.

Our Easter here was very low key, which was needed after being around so many people the last couple of days. My mind continues to rewind and replay dozens of mental videos of yesterday's event (and just now I'm catching up by realizing some people's names...).  It will likely go on like this for awhile until I can refocus myself.

Fortunately, we have an IEP meeting tomorrow (how many people say "fortunately we have an IEP meeting?) so I will be going into "Mommy take care of her kid at all costs mode" and the video replays will go on pause. I will come back tomorrow and tell you how Ryan's IEP meeting went.  .

Here is the only picture we could find of our little guy at yesterday's hunt.  John didn't even realize he was in the photo because he was focusing on the lovely family in front but our sly little rascal who enjoys a bit of camera time made sure he got into the shot. (He's the blonde boy with the basket.)  I'm glad he did!

Happy Easter Aspierations Friends!

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