Monday, April 30, 2012

The End of Autism Awareness Month is not The End of Acceptance

Hello Aspierations Friends,

Here we are now at the end of Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month.  Although I didn't reach my initial blogging goal of 30 blogs for the month, I did make it past halfway so that is something to feel good about. Even though it is the end of Autism Awareness Month, it is certainly not the end of promoting Autism Acceptance. That is something to work on every day of the year.

In the course of volunteering for Autism Empowerment in the month of April, my husband John and I participated in and hosted a number of activities, including our first Autism Acceptance Panel, our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt for individuals with Special Needs, and a fishing trip with Sensory-Friendly Cub Scout Pack 2. 

Also, this past Saturday, April 28th we exhibited at the Southwest Washington Special Education and Resource Fair and it was a TOTAL success!  John and I are already looking forward to next year.

I'm also looking forward to more blogging both here and at the Autism Empowerment website. I was thinking of transferring the Autism Empowerment website blog over to its own blogger site but need to ponder that some more.

As I logged into Blogger today to begin typing this blog, I was welcomed with "Blogger has a new look." Sigh... It seems that lately, Blogger, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter... and a LOT of places I frequent are upgrading, changing, enhancing, modifying and attempting to improve their "look".  

I realize that not always embracing change is part of my Aspie nature and over the years I actually have become fairly decent adapting but on some days like today for example, I really don't appreciate yet ANOTHER change.  I liked things at Blogger the way they were, thanks. I'm just getting used to Facebook's new timeline (which I waited until the end of last month to upgrade to) and now Blogger is insisting that I welcome its change as well. 

I guess I'm a little bit grouchy about it tonight but I'll get over it soon enough. Admittedly, I'll probably grow to like the changes. I realize that life provides a series of changes and that I am constantly in a state of transformation.  Admittedly, I generally prefer to have a proactive role in the changes that are made rather than a confused reactive role but I'll deal with it. As my youngest would say, "Use your Superflex powers, Mom!"  No Grump Grumpaniny allowed here! Gotta love the Unthinkables.

We may technically be marking the end of Autism Awareness month for 2012 but every day is Autism Awareness day in our household and we will continue to promote Accept, Enrich, Inspire and Empower, Autism Empowerment's four foundational pillars.

I'm really excited about the launch of our Autism Empowerment Radio Program. You will have the opportunity to listen live or listen later on podcast. More on this VERY SOON!

May is going to be great!  If you do not yet "Like" Autism Empowerment at Facebook, please come join us!

Thanks for stopping by!

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