Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cubs Miracle League Baseball & Cub Scout Pack 2 Fishing, a Fun Family Day

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd...

Well, I'm not so sure about the crowd part but we are getting more comfortable in this household being around lots of people!

Today was a prime example of that.  In the morning, Ryan had his season opener playing baseball with the Columbia River Miracle League. Last year Ryan was on the A's. This year he has been drafted by the Cubs. I suppose it is only fair. The first year he had a California based team where Ryan, Justin and I were born and this year he has the Cubs which was my husband John's favorite team growing up. Living in Wisconsin, the Chicago Cubs games were a few hours away but he preferred them to the Brewers.

It's also fitting that Ryan is on the Cubs since he will be a part of Cub Scout Pack 2 in June after he finishes Kindergarten.  Yay! (If you read my blog long enough, you'll find that I often enjoy looking for patterns. It's one of those questions in all those "Are you an Aspie" tests that is always a resounding yes!)

I'm not a fan of getting up early in the morning on Saturday.  If truth be told, I'm not a fan of getting up early any day! It's the night owl in me. WHOO? In me... WHOO????

That being said, I really do love watching Ry and the other kiddos play baseball. To Ryan this means running around the bases.  In fact he did so 7 times before today's game got underway.  Being the good mom that I am (and thinking  maybe he'd go to bed early tonight), I let him run to his heart's content.  As is often the case when my son does laps somewhere, he soon has an entourage following him.  I hope other parents appreciate the extra exercise opportunities that our son helps promote!

Last year was Ryan's first season playing baseball and I think we only knew (or should I say recognized) a few people.  This year it is much different. Having made a concerted effort to become more involved in our community through church, Cub Scout Pack 2, Autism Empowerment and other autism / special needs related organizations and get-togethers, it was fun to see a lot of familiar faces both on our team and on other teams as well.  There is so much love out there among parents and their children.  Having lived the first few years here in Vancouver relatively isolated, it feels empowering and comforting to feel like we're starting to plant some roots.

So the game went great and we headed home where we hung out for a couple hours and then headed out to Klineline Pond for their Fishing Derby event.  Part of Cub Scout Pack 2 went yesterday and the rest of us went today.  From what I can tell, all the boys and their families looked like they had a great time.  Each of the boys caught their two fish limit and one of the boys even won a bicycle in a raffle at the end.

Our family had been at the fishing event last year but this was our first time as part of a group and I have to say, we all looked pretty cool out there sporting our new purple shirts.  The kids got free fishing poles, free t-shirts and it was a really well-run event with incredibly friendly and accommodating volunteers. Although the special needs fishing was technically yesterday, since many of our kids were in school, they couldn't make it out to Klineline Pond until today, which was the regular event.  I think overall, they expected about 2000 kids at the event and there were probably a couple hundred at our session.  We fished at 3 p.m. when most of the people were already gone and except for the parking lot, it really wasn't that bad in terms of crowd.  There was a lot of space to spread out.

After fishing, we were all pretty tired and as a special treat, we took the boys to Old Spaghetti Factory. (We'll have trout some other time!)

All in all, it was a fantastic day and the kind of family and friends Saturday that our family needed.  We often spend so much time behind the computer with work that getting out for a day of fresh air with no rain was quite refreshing.  I'll take the sore feet because I have lots of memories of happy smiles!

All the kids out there today let their lights shine!
Enjoying life one day at a time,

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