Sunday, March 11, 2012

GRASP's Distinguished Spectrumite Medal for 2012 goes to...

Hello Aspierations Friends!

I have some very exciting and quite humbling news to share with you today!  

No, that isn't the news, but it is me posing at the 6th Annual Children's Festival in Vancouver, WA with our new Autism Empowerment banner donated to us by Kristine Kemp of  Markon Signs and Decals. Thank you, Kristine!

Here is the news!

An excerpt is below...

Dear Karen:
As you may know, at GRASP's annual fundraising event, we bestow three awards, the Friend and Benefactor Award (the FAB), the Divine Neurotypical Award (the DNA), and the Distinguished Spectrumite Medal (the DSM). This year, however, the Board decided to go with multiple honorees for the DSM. The theme was parenting. As the world seems more and more satisfied that an individual on the autism spectrum may inhibit competency, if not extreme talent for careers, it feels as though we can now make a move away from ideas of cerebral brilliance. GRASP feels it is time to begin the slow process of teaching the world that the emotional strength and organizational accountability necessary in parenting are also possible in the life of an individual on the spectrum. For this year's recipient of the GRASP DSM, we want several top-notch parents.
Based on testimonials and follow-up, we have selected you to be one of our winners of this year's DSM.  
The event will be held in New York City, at the William Bennett Gallery on May 15, 2012 from 6:30-8:30 or 9:00.

..... (more interesting personal stuff here)
Thank you for being a wonderful parent, not only for your children, but also as an example to others of what we are capable of.

Michael John Carley
Executive Director
The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership, Inc.
666 Broadway, Suite 825
New York, NY 10012
p + f = 1.888.474.7277 (1.888.47.GRASP)

How exciting, Aspierations friends!  I am truly blown away to not only have been nominated but to have been chosen among my peers. I want to thank my husband, John Krejcha for his love, support and partnership. He isn't on the spectrum himself but being around 3 of us in the family who are, he should have his own medal as well! 

The last three winners of the Distinguished Spectrumite Award were Temple Grandin (2011), John Elder Robison (2010) and Dr. Stephen Shore (2009).  If you are familiar with respected individuals in the autism community, then you will understand why I feel so grateful to have blessed with this honor.  

John and I will be traveling to New York City in May to accept the medal and enjoy the festivities!  The last time I was in New York City was back in the late 1990s.  It was at a time when I used travel across the country competing as a touring athlete on the Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour.  

Yes... a female Aspie with oodles of sensory issues who bowled professionally... yikes!  The stories I could tell... a book may soon be forthcoming!

One of those little tidbits was that I used to drive back and forth across the country by myself to get from event to event.  Sometimes I had a traveling partner, my friend and tour roommate, Stephanie Chiera (who just bowled a 300 again yesterday, woo hoo Thumper!!)  Since she was from MA and I was from CA at the time, a lot of my driving was still alone and this first time driving through New York City on my way to Long Island was one of those times.

It was nighttime when I made it into New York City.  I got very lost. This was before GPS... oh if I only had one of those then!!! I remember the streets of New York City were very bright.  The cabs honking (at me) were overwhelming.  I don't think when I saw their hands shaking at me it was in delight and joy...  It was an adventure for sure!

Now I will be traveling back to NYC again, this time with John.  I think we'll take a cab...

I am so very humbled to receive this special honor and I will do Autism Empowerment proud and bring our accepting, enriching, inspiring and empowering spirit across the nation!

There are SO many people and so many parents that in the autism community who are absolutely amazing.  I look forward to meeting with Michael John Carley, GRASP's Executive Director and many GRASP members whose books grace my shelves.  It will be a delight to have the opportunity to share about Autism Empowerment on the East Coast and to bring the four foundational pillars of Autism Empowerment to New York City. 

and while you're there, I also have a new FB Aspierations page that could use some support!

More on this upcoming adventure later!

It's going to be amazing to let my light shine in New York!  


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  1. Congratulations Karen! Keep letting your light shine!