Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving (in an Autism / Asperger Friendly House)

Twas the night before Thanksgiving,
And all through the house,
There was cooking and cleaning
ME???  It was my spouse!

We were preparing for guests
on Thanksgiving Day,
We don't usually entertain,
Anxiety was on display...

Our Thanksgivings are normally peaceful
But there was sure to be noise...
With football, two gals,
And six charming boys...

Preventing meltdowns was on my mind,
Since we were changing our tradition,
How would our boys react
To an unpredictable position?

Would our guests find it odd,
If our youngest took off his clothes?
Would they have a sense of humor
Listening to endless Sprout shows?

Would the meltdowns tonight
be a sign of tomorrow
or would happiness and peace
replace frustration and sorrow?

As I looked around the room,
My youngest son flew in
Wearing an Angry Birds costume
He was happy again within...

My oldest was playing chess
Making moves like a winner
He was excited for next day's friends
and promised to eat something at dinner.

I said a little prayer
Asking for strength and grace
Acceptance, a sense of humor
A safe Thanksgiving place...

I had so much to appreciate,
A spectrum family to love,
Acceptance from true friends,
Blessings from above...

Even though I was nervous
Wasn't good at chit-chat,
I knew Thanksgiving would be memorable
Something special to look back at!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Krejcha family to yours!  

This will be our first time EVER when our family has had guests in our home and entertained on Thanksgiving. Should be an adventure!  

My Thanksgiving wish for you...

May you feel accepted and enriched.
May you receive through the act of giving.
May you inspire others with your actions.
May you let your light shine!


Let me know your Thanksgiving plans below!


  1. OH DEAR KAREN, I AM SURE IT WILL BE FINE! JUST KEEP THAT SENSE OF HUMOUR! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends.

  2. Karen, That was an awesome poem. It really spoke to my heart. I have entertained guests for Thanksgiving before and felt the same anxiety. This year it's just us four. I doubt that with your way with words you will have any problem with chit-chat. God has truely blessed you with an exceptiona, warm, engaging persona that anyone will clearly be drawn to. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!

  3. To Anonymous: Thank you for your support and Thanksgiving wishes! I will definitely keep my sense of humor. When choosing to laugh or cry, I choose laugh... well, most of the time!

  4. Hi Keli! Thank you so much for the kind compliment and reassuring words. I was feeling really nervous earlier tonight but getting it out in writing, albeit in a whimsical way, helped to ease the tension. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well! Hope your family of four is overflowing with blessings! :-)