Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Husband - The Catch of My Life

Today I am thrilled to celebrate my husband's birthday with him and the boys once again!  Seems like we just did this last year!  


Dedicated to his sons,
Dedicated to his wife,
Dedicated to God,
Dedicated to life...

My amazing husband is now 43!
The only one in the family who is considered NT
With three others on the spectrum,
sharing the same domain,
Our life is filled with spice,
Except the food that is plain...

My rock, my confidante, my amazing best friend,
You empower me...
You inspire me...

You appreciate I'm off-trend...

May your 43rd birthday be memorable and fun...
May the year ahead,
be an incredible one!

Let's fill it with laughs, accomplishments and inspiration...
Remembering each day together is cause for celebration!

Happy Birthday, John!

I Love You!

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