Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick Update & Happy 20th Engagement Anniversary to John

It has been another very busy week around here but before the evening ends, I wanted to post a very quick blog update!

On Tuesday night, we all went to an Autism Support Group meeting at the Early Childhood Center in Vancouver. It is SO nice that they provide childcare during these events as otherwise, it would be very difficult for us to attend.  We like going to meetings together and so far, we always get some valuable information and benefit from attending, whether there are just a few in attendance or a whole bunch.

On Wednesday afternoon, it was Ryan's Kindergarten Orientation!  Woo hoo!  Justin had a half day at school and wanted to come along with us. We were proud of him taking an interest in his little brother's schooling and it was kind of fun for Justin to go back and see his former elementary school.  

Although Ryan's future SCIP teacher wasn't in attendance, he got to meet a couple of the Kindergarten teachers.  While the adults were in the gymnasium listening and watching a presentation, the kids got a chance to take a tour of a couple Kindergarten classrooms and also have a recess.  Recess is always a big hit around this household!  After the kids came back and rejoined us, one of the Kindergarten teachers who John and I happen to have a personal connection with came over to us and let us know that Ryan did great and lined up very nicely.  That was super news to hear!

Today was the day we were to have the carpets in our house cleaned.  With John's Mom coming into town tomorrow night, we wanted to have the place looking guest-friendly.  Granted, there are juice stains on the carpet that will likely never come out but we have determined that they add character and besides, John's Mom is not here to visit our carpet, it's to see her grandsons and us as well.  

Ryan's 5th birthday is on Sunday so it's going to be a fun-filled weekend as I mentioned in my earlier blog, Kindergarten Open House Right Around The Corner.  I'll write more again probably early to mid next week.

Before I go, I wanted to make special note to today being the 20th Anniversary of the day that John and I got engaged.  Yes, on May 19th, 1991 at the Whale & Dolphin show at Marine World, Africa USA, John got down on bended knee and proposed.  I said yes and approximately 18 months later we were married. (John and I had only known each other a little over a month at the time he proposed so I did ask for a little engagement time so that we could plan and save up for the wedding and honeymoon!)

Engagement photo... Wow, we've aged so much they used Black & White back then!

At midnight last night, John posted a special engagement anniversary blog dedicated to that special and certainly memorable day 20 years ago.  Not everything went as planned that day but I can truly say 20 years later that I'm so happy that you asked me to marry you, John!  It's been an amazing journey with lots of happy memories and two fantastic kiddos!  I'm looking forward to our 19th wedding anniversary this year and our 20th next year.  I look forward to moving along the road less traveled into the next chapter of our lives. We know it will be a transition, but we'll be making it together.  I love you!

And on that note...

I'm exhausted and am going to try and finish up on emails and get to bed early.  Sleep is calling my name and I'm listening!

Best wishes for a super weekend!

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