Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kindergarten Open House Right Around the Corner

This is going to be an exciting week for Ryan.  On Monday and Tuesday he goes to preschool which is always fun but on Wednesday, it's a very special day!


Ryan is REALLY looking forward to this!  Last Wednesday, John, Ryan and I walked over to the school and turned in his "official" Kindergarten registration paperwork.  Ryan's been in preschool for the past couple years and a birth-to-three program at our home the school year before that.  Even with all this "school" experience, there's something extra special about our "baby" starting Kindergarten and getting to be in a school with lots of big kids.  He has come so far in the past few years and John and I are incredibly proud and excited for him.  I'm already looking forward to seeing the excitement in his eyes on the very first day.

To the best of my knowledge, we never had a Kindergarten Open House at Justin's elementary school in CA. If there was one that happened before the school year, we missed it.  I do know there was a Back To School night which is a pretty typical thing in elementary school.  That was where Justin's Kindergarten teacher asked me if Justin had a photographic memory because of the way he was able to recall exact wording in the books she would read aloud in class.

Ryan has an amazing memory for remembering geographical locations that we've been to and being able to trace on the iPad through Google Maps how to get there from our home.  He can also tell you in extensive detail about the makes, models and colors of his Hot Wheels cars and trucks as well as the vehicles in our neighborhood.  Now that he'll be advancing from preschool to Kindergarten, it will be interesting to hear what Ryan's future teachers have to say about his abilities.

The Kindergarten Open House is not just for parents but for the kids to get acclimated with the school. Fortunately we live within walking distance and we've had playtime at the playground there a couple hundred times over the past few years we've been living here in Washington. Since Justin went to the same school, Ryan has been there for Bingo nights, school carnivals and other events so he is already quite familiar with the layout.

We had a successful IEP meeting with Ryan's teacher and support staff at his preschool last month and learned that his future SCIP teacher has already met with Ryan's preschool teacher.  How nice to have that interaction take place so early on.  Although his mainstream classroom teacher has not been assigned yet, we're looking forward to meeting with her/him.  It will be a big transition and it isn't without worries but we are doing our best to proactively plan for a successful transition and when something spontaneously happens that throws us all off, well, we'll deal with that too.

I will write a blog later on in the week, probably Wednesday or Thursday to let you know how the Open House went.

The end of the week will be busy too because John's Mom is flying into town to help celebrate Ryan's 5th birthday on Sunday. It's been about 2 1/2 years or so since she's been at our home and the last time she saw the boys was in the summer of 2009 when we drove back to Wisconsin and then followed that up with an Autism Society of America conference in St. Charles, IL.  I'm sure she'll see big changes in both boys.

Justin has an overnight campout with the Scouts on Friday night and we're sure to be busy throughout the weekend so I'm not sure how much blogging time I will have.  I can guarantee you, I will have anecdotes and pictures when I return!

Since I'll soon be having some new birthday pictures to post of Ryan's 5th birthday, here are a few favorites of my fast growing guy from his 4th birthday.

We'll be seeing you again REALLY soon Chuck E. Cheese!

Ryan and Justin sharing brotherly love and bouncing at JJJump

Note the orange? Ryan's favorite color carries on!

Best wishes for a great rest of the weekend and super week ahead!

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