Friday, April 15, 2011

Potato Bugs, Worms and Llamas, Oh My!

Today Ryan got to bring bugs to preschool for sharing time.  When he left the house there were 2 potato bugs, 1 white long creepy crawly thing (for lack of a better word) and 2 worms.  The worms were a bonus.

Ryan realized that worms were not insects but he thought it would be fun to bring them to school anyway.  The story he shared with me this evening tells a different story.  When he showed the insects to his class during sharing time, there were no worms.  Hmmm....  

A few scenarios present themselves here.  One would be that Ryan opened up the container on the bus and let the worms free.  Another would be that he might have gotten hungry and tasted them... (Worms and spaghetti noodles really aren't all THAT different looking are they?)  A third option would be that he saved them in his pocket somewhere as bait for his next fishing expedition.   (See Spring Break ends with Fishing Friday)

As I was pondering these scenarios in my head, he told me that he was "just kidding."  He had actually let the worms, the potato bugs and the white bug with an awful lot of legs (formerly known as the white long creepy crawly thing formerly known as Prince) have their freedom in the preschool garden after show and tell.

Normally we would have had Ryan catch the bugs initially himself however we were running late on time this morning and it was raining outside so on my prompting that Ryan needed to bring bugs for show and tell, John went outside, stepped off the front porch, turned over a few rocks and voila, bugs!!  

No, not you, BUGS... not for another week or so!

On Monday, Ryan is in for another treat at school.  His school's PTO is sponsoring a Spring Farm for the students with an egg hunt, various sensory tables, saddles barrels, hay and Rojo the Therapy Llama!  Rojo is a bit of a local celebrity and is a certified therapy animal.  He has participated in local parades and makes regular visits to schools, hospitals and adult care facilities in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas along with his handler, Shannon Gregory and Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas founder, Lori Gregory.

You can check out pictures and information about Rojo at  Rojo even has his own Facebook page. Being the alpaca loving, llama appreciating gal I am (the animals are just so cute and fun to touch...), I had to become a Fan.  I'm sure Ryan will have an amazing time if last year's trip to the Clark County Fair is any indicator.

We had contemplated participating in the Autism Society of Oregon walk at Oaks Park in Oregon on Sunday but this time around, we're taking a pass unless the weather is really good and everybody is in the right frame of mind.  I do hope we will all be able to participate next year.  I remember raising money and participating in a March of Dimes walkathon in 5th grade and really enjoying it.  I think it would be a positive experience for all of us.  

Instead, we'll probably head indoors to KidsFest in Oregon, looking for summer camp options, inflatables, go karts and a petting zoo.  

Wherever we end up going, I'm sure it will provide some future blog material.

Wishing you a positive weekend in whatever you do!

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