Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday for our Family at Church and Coloring Eggs

Hello Aspierations Friends,

We're just about done with Good Friday and before the stroke of midnight hits, I wanted to get in a quick blog with some thoughts and reflections.

Today was the first time that we have attended a Good Friday church service while living in Washington. (We moved here from California in 2007 but the two churches we attended over the past few years did not have Good Friday services.)  The service lasted about 45 minutes and it was respectful, innovative and moving.  The beginning part was a monologue performance and the pastor, Andrew Murch did an excellent job in his role as Pontius Pilate.  It was engaging and thought-provoking. There was also a video which shared the story of Good Friday through a pseudo-Twitter timeline where Jesus had "followers".  (Kind of hard to explain but if I can find the video online, I'll post a link.)

The church is pretty high-tech and cutting edge in integrating social media and technology with their services. You can watch their sermons online and they even have an App you can download to your iPad. (John was all over that!)

For me, tonight's Good Friday service is one of the few I've attended in my lifetime as our family didn't regularly attend church service when I was growing up.

The church we attend in Vancouver, Washington is called LifePoint Church and although I believe in God and consider myself a Christian, I don't associate my faith with a particular denomination.  When I go to church, I keep an open mind, an open heart and when I am not at church I try to strengthen my personal relationship with God on a daily basis.

One of the things I love doing with my children is reading daily devotions each night from their devotion books.  The whole family gathers generally in Ryan's room at bedtime and I read aloud one devotion from each book while everyone listens to the best of their ability. Ryan's book is called "The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers 2" and Justin's is called "The One Year Devotions for Kids".

This is the first year that we've done this with the boys and we've successfully completed almost every day. If we miss a day because someone is sick or fell asleep early or is out of town, then we catch up with that devotion during our next reading time.  I am proud of our entire family for staying with this and making it a part of our nightly routine.  In the beginning, I wasn't sure how interested the boys would be but both really do enjoy them.  Our children are both very spiritual and it's wonderful watching them developing their own special relationship with God. It's also quiet family reflection time before bed and the devotions in each book are ones that I have found apply to me and John as well.

After we got home from church, we were all a bit tired but it was time for coloring Easter eggs, a Krejcha family tradition.  Not only do we color eggs, we have a tendency to color legs, hands, hair, furniture, the floor... nothing is off limits despite our best preparation.  John did a good job putting down a plastic tablecloth this year and I do believe it caught 54% of the spills.  That's up from 43% last year.

We all had a fun time and a good Friday in more ways than one!  Tomorrow we are back to LifePoint Church for an Easter Egg hunt in the morning and then in the late afternoon, we are heading to yet another Easter Egg hunt.  I did a blog a few days ago about Special Needs Egg Hunts in Vancouver, Washington so if you need information for you or your kiddos, please feel free to check it out!

Until tomorrow, Aspierations Friends!  Have a blessed and inspiring Easter weekend!

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