Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg Coloring, Spill Prevention, Carpeting Issues - Domestic Diva Wanted

Easter weekend is almost here...  Good Friday at church, 2 egg hunts on Saturday, church on Sunday and a ham dinner with au gratin potatoes, green beans, rolls and Gram's snickerdoodles.  (There will also be noodles for the kids... although we are encouraging each to try some of the ham.  Ham was a food I didn't like until I was an adult so I'm not going to push it but a sniff, lick and taste will be appreciated.)

It's about that time of the year when we color eggs for Easter. This is a fun family event that we've done every year since we've been in Washington and although we prepare in advance by putting newspapers on the kitchen table and not filling the cups up with dye TOO high, it is a foregone conclusion that there will be at least some mess and that bath night will follow.

That's okay.  A bit of clutter and daily spills? Hey, we're used to that!  Despite our best intentions and our attempts to keep the house in order and the help of Molly Maids every couple weeks, we're never going to win a seal of approval from Good Housekeeping.  (John does a great job though, I will say that!) Although we are prepared on most days for an impromptu guest (as long as he/she doesn't plan on spending the night) I doubt Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray or any other domestic divas will be setting up shop at our home or calling us for advice any time soon.

It fascinates me how the preschool teachers are able to keep Ryan so clean while he's at school.  Our active little guy fingerpaints, runs around the playground, roams in the school garden and does all sorts of arts and crafts.  I realize they use aprons and so forth but never have I seen a day when he's come home with paint or glue or glitter on his clothes, hair or body.  I've postulated that they somehow have found a clothes replicating machine at school but my theory has never been proven.   If we were to try and replicate similar art projects at home while supervised, I can guarantee you that on at least 50% of the occasions, we'd have some sort of bonus artwork on either walls, floor, carpet or furniture.

Mom, don't you like my new belly button color?  Green!

At the beginning of the month when our family was lighting it up blue for Autism Awareness, I stepped out of the office for just a quick minute (potty break, darn it!) and even though there were others in the office aside from our little one, when I returned, Ryan had kept in the spirit of lighting it up blue by finding a blue highlighting marker from a desk and proceeding to draw a rather detailed blue road map on the carpet.

Which reminds me, does anyone out there have any special juice or pen mark stain treater and cleaning solution that they recommend when cleaning carpets?  What is your BEST carpet cleaning recommendation that is not heavily scented?  Fumes and certain carpet cleaning stuff (i.e. anything Glade) make me sick and make my skin feel hot and tingly and since the boys are on the carpet quite a bit, any advice you could give would be great!  (We have no pets, so no worries there.)

I was wondering how all you SuperMoms & SuperDads were able to keep your homes clean.  I suppose if your child's special interest is neatness, it isn't an issue but I have found in my own life experience that many of us on the autism spectrum are a bit cluttered.  I realize your mileage may vary but I'd be curious to hear if that were the case with the children or adults you know on the spectrum.

I'd be interested in your feedback!  As for me... it's something I'm working on improving!  I'll never be a domestic diva but I'm willing to accept tips... maybe even interventions!!

Best wishes for a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!

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