Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting we will go, Easter Egg Hunting we will go!

Hoppy Day before Easter, Aspierations Friends!

Today was Easter Egg Hunt day for the Krejcha family!  The kiddos had been looking forward to this all week long and I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when Ryan came hopping into the bed egg-stra early and very eggcited about the day's events.

"What time is the Easter Egg hunt?"  (Mumble, groan... "not now")...

5 seconds later... "WHAT time is the Easter Egg hunt?" (Mumble, groan... "11:30 ish...")

10 seconds later... "WILL SOMEONE GET UP????"  ("Someone" can refer to various members of our household but usually can be translated as "the person who is going to get me my juice...")

John and I really wanted to sleep in but it just wasn't happening...

My husband at Life and Times of John Krejcha did a blog today which summarized our sequence of events very nicely and included pictures as well.

The two egg hunts we went to were at LifePoint Church in Vancouver in the late morning and at McKenzie stadium behind Evergreen High School in the late afternoon.   

The first hunt at LifePoint Church was amazingly well-organized.  It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day here in the Northwest (the best in awhile) and there was an amazing turnout and such friendly and gracious volunteers.

As in years past, they had a specific area for children with special needs and since there were so many people around (over 2,000 between the first and second hunts), it was nice to have a smaller area where our youngest could have a great time, get a lot of eggs and wouldn't get too revved up or risk being run over.  Our oldest son decided he would like to participate in the regular egg hunt with kids of his age group and have a chance to find a gift card or a golden egg and so he gladly did that.

Ryan got a prize egg where he won a Rubber Ducky! He loves rubber duckies!

Searching for the elusive Golden Egg worth $50!!!

Justin had a nice score in his area as well!

After a science magic show in the church, egg hunting and time for Ryan to get a few rounds of bouncing and sliding in, we headed home where Justin and John proceeded to head out to the store for grocery shopping and picking up our ham dinner from QFC for Easter Sunday.  

Ryan and I hung out.  I wasn't too much in the mood to work.  Taking time off is something I find difficult to do but when I'm doing it, I certainly do enjoy it.  My family is a lot of fun and doing fun things together around the holidays build traditions that I hope the boys will look back upon fondly when they are older.

At about 4:45 p.m., we headed off for our second egg hunt.  This one was primarily for children with physical and developmental disabilities and had been hosted by the Multnomah County Corrections Deputies Charitable Trust.  This was their 11th year and our first.  We definitely would like to return again next year as everyone and everybunny was so friendly, the field was very easy to walk on and there were more than enough eggs for everyone to fill their basket.

Not only did the boys get to see the Easter bunny but they participated in two back-to-back egg hunts, got to keep all their eggs and candy and at the end of it all, each got a special duck to bring home as a present. 

The boys had a great day and when we got home, John culminated the day's events by cooking a fantastic spaghetti dinner for the family. It was delicious and I was so impressed with John doing this considering how exhausted we all were from the past week's events.

We are all looking forward to the Easter Bunny visiting tomorrow, going to church, celebrating the special day in a spiritual family way and enjoying ham, potatoes, noodles, green beans, rolls and Gram's snickerdoodles!

We feel so blessed and so fortunate to have had the opportunity to share these experiences and we appreciate you taking time from your busy life to glance in on our lives.

Best wishes and blessings for a very Happy Easter!

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  1. Ryan came hopping into the bed egg-stra early and very eggcited about the day's events.easter egg hunt ideas