Saturday, April 30, 2011

Autism Awareness Month comes to a close but Acceptance never ends

Hello Aspierations Friends,

Another Autism Awareness Month in the USA has come to a close but that certainly doesn't mean that acceptance or advocacy ends here at Aspierations or for many different proactive individuals, families and organizations.

At the beginning of this month, I pledged to write and post a new blog at Aspierations - Come as you are... Let your light shine... for every day in the month of April.  This is something I also did in 2010 and since I have now successfully completed two years of April blogging, I guess I'm going to make it a tradition.

For this last blog of the month, I was going to go ahead and do a summary and provide links to other blogs I wrote throughout this month but plans have a changed a bit.

Justin and John are away camping at Boy Scout Camporee and so I am here with Ryan tonight.  His schedule is a bit off and we've been spending a lot of time together this afternoon and evening.

We played fun games like Goofball and Wii Party, shared a nice dinner of macaroni & cheese, tortilla chips and snickerdoodles (I really know how to put out a spread... domestic diva that I am....) and I hung out using the iPad while Ryan enjoyed a luxurious bubble bath.  It was a special treat because I let him take a bath in our bathroom with bubbles, jets and rubber duckies and we played a Knock Knock, Who's There game where one of us had to guess who was at "the door."  (Visitors included Scooby Doo, grandparents, teachers, friends from school, bus drivers and even Angry Birds.)

Ryan and I miss Justin and John but understand how these camping trips they go on with the Boy Scouts bring a lot of benefits for both. Justin builds life skills, social skills and great outdoors skills.  John gets experience as a leader and a mentor and gets bonus bonding time with Justin. 

John and I have been doing a lot of talking this month about what we can personally do to help empower, encourage and enrich the lives of those on the autism spectrum as well as the families, caregivers and friends who love them.  Each of us has our own ideas of how we want to help.  

John's main project ideas revolve around Autism, Scouting and Disabilities Awareness.  He now has Autism and Scouting on Facebook, the Autism and Scouting blog and yesterday, he signed up for Twitter @AutismScouting.  He started working on a book around the beginning of the year and although finding time to write can be a challenge, he has made a fantastic start.

I have ideas of my own... including building Aspierations into an awareness and empowerment website, writing a couple books of my own, including a children's book and working on special projects that can benefit those in our direct community as well as those throughout the nation and the world.  I am in the process of researching, finding funding and allocating the time to make this happen because I want to do it right and my husband and I want to create resources that our children will benefit from and be proud of.  

A lot of things happened in the past month that have convinced me that we are heading on the right path now. Our children mean the world to us. Helping them and others on the autism spectrum be successful and happy with their lives is something I feel in my heart that I have been called to do.  

I look forward to continuing the journey with my Aspierations friends.  We are all a work in progress...

Wishing you happiness and joy, acceptance and peace,

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