Saturday, April 9, 2011

20 Years from the Day We Met!

Twenty years ago today, John and I met for the first time at Fair Oaks West in Sunnyvale, California.

Technically, I had seen him once before but the golf cart I was riding in was passing his car and although I remember his cute face and charming smile, we did not speak.

Tomorrow we'll celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first date!  I've shared the story before of the day of our first date in my blog, so I won't repeat that here today.

If you're interested, you're more than welcome to check out my version and John's in the blogs below:

A Look Back In Time - 19 Years Ago Today... My First Date With John

Here is John's Version:

And Nineteen Years Later

Remember this photo, John?

Love you, John!
Then, now and always!

Here is to 20 years more from the day we met and then another 20 after that... 
Always yours,

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