Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 - Romance, Good Food, Great Company

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Aspierations Amigos!

I hope your day was filled with love, laughter and the company of someone special. (Hey, you're someone special so that definitely counts!)

I'll admit it. I'm a hopeful (sometimes hopeless) romantic and I do get into Valentine's Day.  I won't say that was always the case. It's a lot easier to be "into" a holiday of romance when one has a husband, boyfriend or significant other.

It's even easier when that partner has a flair of romance or at least has been well-trained! 

I'm blessed to have a husband with a fun and playful side who over the years has become stronger and more skilled in sharing his emotions in a meaningful way. We both enjoy writing so when we give cards to each other, taking the time to add a personal thoughtful touch goes a long way.

Today or I guess really last night at around 11:30 p.m., John took me downstairs under the pretense of getting a late night snack of a bagel and cream cheese before we went back upstairs to snuggle and watch our nightly dose of mystery, drama and suspense.  As an aside, right now we're hooked on "Dexter".  If you're not familiar with the show, I'll talk about it later. For now I will say that although it is captivating, well-written and has intriguing characters, it can also be very dark and some of the things that happen in the show are not visually pleasing nor appealing if one is thinking of having a romantic evening.

No DEXTER on Valentine's night!  Just saying...

Tangent train, choo choo.

So John took me downstairs and there on the kitchen table was a vase with beautifully hand-arranged (by John) white and red roses, 24 in all!  I LOVE getting flowers.  Roses on Valentine's Day is pretty traditional but this is the first time John had ever mixed the red and white and the result was truly gorgeous.  They were also the kind of roses that smelled good too.  One of my pet peeves is having flowers, going to sniff them and then there is no real smell.  I have the nose of a bloodhound (something which strangely developed later in life) and I think part of the enjoyment of having flowers is that they have a pretty smell.

Also on the table was a box of heart shaped Dove candy, an XO XO from Hershey's, a lovely card which I saved for today and a sweet heart pillow and soft cozy blanket.

John told me it was important that I knew this year how much he cared for and appreciated me.  (Going for the husband points is never a bad idea.  You never know when you might need some in reserve.)  He also wanted to point out that he was not going out to the local drug store first thing in the morning on Valentine's Day and coming back with whatever was not picked over, half-eaten and stale.  (With age and 18 years of marriage apparently comes some wisdom too!)

It was a great start to what would end up being a wonderful Valentine's Day and as we settled into bed to cuddle, relax and watch our nightly show last night, he left the bed at midnight saying he'd be right back.

It turns out he left the bedroom to sneak into the office and post a romantic Valentine's Day blog.  It was lovely and fun.  You can read it if you like.

Of course there are parts that are a bit personal so if you want to take a pass, I totally understand. The kinds of mushy, sappy and fun stuff which is cute between couples can seem extremely sappy and annoying to others, I know!  What's the term? Oh yes, public displays of affection.  I know that is supposed to refer to things like kissing in public but I suppose blogging a romantic poem can be PDA too and in some cases, too much information or as my son says, TMI!

We knew we'd have to work today during the day and we also knew that Justin and John had an important scouting meeting to attend tonight so John decided to take me on a lunch date to a local seafood / steak restaurant called McGrath's.  YUM!

It was SO NICE to get away from work for a bit, to feel pretty good healthwise and to know we could have a leisurely lunch while both boys were in school.  We went at 1:30 p.m. when we knew it wouldn't be as crowded and the food was excellent.

Steak, prawns and my handsome husband in the middle!  Love you!

By the time we got home it was a little before 3 p.m., just before Justin gets home from school with Ryan arriving shortly thereafter.  We all had a pleasant afternoon together and a nice talk on the phone with Gram and Grandpa on the phone right before they enjoyed a pizza together. 

Homemade Valentine's Day cards from the boys beat Hallmark ANY DAY!

Ryan had a Valentine's Day party at school and had a great time.  He is in love with a girl named Bridget and he made a VERY special valentine for her. I will tell you about this special young lady in a separate blog because the story is a sweet one.

While John and Justin were out at their scout meeting, Ryan and I played Globe Trot on Wii Party and entered a few sweepstakes instant win games online.  Our lucky streak is continuing.  

It is about time to head to bed but I wanted to get this Valentine's blog out into the blogosphere and give a special thanks to John for making my day so special.  Between work and kids and lots of life stuff, it was really nice to know that there could still be some romance out there too!

John still has one surprise yet to receive.  That is a story in and of itself... perhaps for my next blog?

How did you spend Valentine's Day?  Let me know!

Time for bed here... no DEXTER tonight...

Love, hugs and happiness,


  1. OK... this is weird. My husband and I are totally hooked on Dexter too... our favorite series since 24 disappeared! We're just starting Season 4 and we've so enjoyed the characters and my husband is a lot like Dexter... not the murderous way but in all the other ways. We would have watched it on VDay but were awaiting our next DVD from Netflix so alas, Hawaii 5-0 had to do! Glad your day was so special. Thanks for the blog.

  2. Wow... totally bizarre! We are currently watching Season 4 too!! We're on Disc 2 right now. I can't wait to watch the next episode.

    My husband has some of the Dexter stuff going on too. I probably do as well... (in a female, non-serial-killing way... I'll save that for the mysteries I intend on one day writing)

    The characters are great. I could do without the intro but I really like almost everything else about the show.

    How weird we're even watching the same season! We don't get Showtime so we've been purchasing the seasons with gift cards we had saved up.

    We also watch Hawaii 5-0 but missed it last night and watched the Castle show we had on TiVo instead.

    Hope you had a great V-Day too!

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