Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pick a Pack of Cheesy Packers - Super Bowl Party Time

Hello Aspierations Friends!

Well, tomorrow is the SUPER BOWL and in Casa de la Krejcha, that means there is going to be a lot of cheesy snacks served.

The line has been drawn.  Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers?  Master bedroom, guest bedroom or perhaps sleeping outside?  It all hangs in the balance...

Back in 2009 he went with the "Pack" 
In 2011 will he go back or will the Steelers steal his loyalty?

My husband John is from Wisconsin and grew up watching the Green Bay Packers.  Many in his family are Green Bay Packer fanatics and even though John now cheers for the Seattle Seahawks and rooted for the San Francisco 49ers when we lived in California, tomorrow he goes back to his roots.  

To not do so would mean he would risk his family disowning him.  Seriously!  Nah, just kidding... or am I? I have an excuse having grown up in California not being a Packers fan.  The San Francisco 49ers were my favorite team with the Oakland Raiders close behind.  Now that we've been in Washington, I root for the Seattle Seahawks, although truthfully our family doesn't watch many football games.  We like baseball (San Francisco Giants) and hockey (San Jose Sharks) better.

My dad sent me an email today letting me know that he would be rooting for the Packers tomorrow.  He thought John would appreciate the support.  What my dad doesn't yet know is that our family is sort of split down the line.  Ryan and John are going Packers and Justin and I are sort of going Steelers.  I don't think Justin and I really care that much one way or another but Justin's teacher is a HUGE Steelers fan and I'm sure that's influencing his opinion. 

As for me, my only reason to really root for the Steelers is that their black and gold colors are the same as mine in high school.  Good reason?  Not really... but I do like black and gold together better than green and gold.  

Of course, the BIG reason to root for the Packers other than the fact I love my husband is that there is some really good cheese in Wisconsin.  Granted there was great cheese in California too.  

Speaking of Wisconsin cheese, the year that John and I got engaged, he and I flew back to Wisconsin for Christmas to meet his family. While there we picked up a cheese in the shape of a cow and brought it home for my mom.  That was 1991.  To this day, that cheese is still in my parents' refrigerator preserved well of course.  December will be the 20th anniversary of that aged cheese cow.  

Junior Cheeseheads in training?  (When in Wisconsin, do as the Wisconsonians do...)

So maybe I'll root for the Packers after all.  BUT if I see a CHEESEHEAD on any adults in this house tomorrow, I will definitely be a "STEELER" and take it! 

Blackmail baby...  at least your face isn't half green, half gold!

Ryan practices being a cheesehead while Mom wonders what happened to Ryan's shoe.

Gramma Jan LOVES the Packers and we love Gramma Jan!

The kids are looking forward to our cheesy themed Super Bowl Party.  Cheese Pizza, cheetos, cheez-its, string cheese, cheese spread, cream cheese... you name it.  I asked John for cheese fondue but I'll probably be taking a raincheck on that.  Melting Pot anyone?

No matter which team wins, we'll always be a cheesy family!

I do hope there are some clever commercials tomorrow.  I would love to see the return of the BUD - WEIS - ERRRRRRR frogs!  Anyone remember those commercials?

Have a SUPER Sunday everyone and if you watch the game, HAVE FUN!

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