Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday Family Night BINGO - Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner


I will preface this blog by saying that my husband, John at Life and Times of John Krejcha already wrote a blog today about the topic I am going to write about.  He beat me to the submit button fair and square. So if I look like a copycat, then MEOW, perhaps I am a bit!

In the Krejcha household, we have a long standing tradition of having family time together on Friday nights. Usually this consists of playing games together.  Sometimes it includes dinner from Old Spaghetti Factory. Occasionally we watch a movie at home. 

When Justin was in elementary school, two or three times a year, his school would have a Bingo night where the whole family would go to the school on a Friday night and enjoy pizza, drinks, popcorn and other snacks, usually consisting of sugar-laden candy bars.  The food was never particularly healthy but it was a treat for the boys and since we live close enough to the school to walk back and forth, we got a little exercise in as well to work off some of those calories that tend to go straight to my tush.  These occasional Friday night bingo events were ones we looked forward to. I think we only missed one in three school years.

This year Justin is at middle school and Ryan is at preschool, however when John saw on the local elementary school sign that Friday, February 11th was Bingo Night, he knew the four of us would want to go.  

I have to say, our family does have a bit of a lucky streak with bingo and sweepstakes too.  Either Justin, Ryan, John or I have won a bingo prize in every bingo night we attended except one.  A couple times we have won the end of the night blackout grand prize. There is one child bingo winner and one adult bingo winner for each game so the odds are not particularly high.  

As an aside, the monthly family game night we have gone to a couple of times this school year specifically for children on the autism spectrum has bingo too. In this case though, every kid up ends a winner with either 1 or 2 bingo prizes.  As such, both Ryan and Justin were accustomed to winning and I wasn't sure what would happen emotionally if the streak did not continue.  Going from about 8 kids where everyone wins to around 100 kids where about 10% win is a big change.  Ryan has recently been in a "I have to win" stage so... I had some of my mommy tricks up my sleeve ready to appease just in case the outcome was not as he desired. In Ryan's mind, there was no chance that we were possibly going to lose.

We went into Bingo night with optimism, empty stomachs, our iPad (for waiting time) and my book, "The Girl Who Played With Fire." (No, I'm not into arson or arsonists!) 

The book has significance because a friend here at Aspierations suggested last year that I read "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". GREAT recommendation, thanks!  Leisure reading time around here has been at a premium but I finished the first book and found it to be a mesmerizing and outstanding read.  Now I am on the second book in the series of three and when I complete all three books, I'm going to watch the movies.

Back to bingo...  Well, it turns out that in two hours, they only played FIVE games.  Uh-oh.  What are the odds we would win?  Statistically improbable, right?

Our family has always gone against the grain.  Improbable statistics do not phase us.

Justin ended up winning TWO of the five games.  WOO HOO!  YIPPEE!  (The ONE time I didn't bring the camera!)  His prizes were a Sonic gift card for each game, a poster and a fidget toy that looks like a see-through egg with a yolk in it and is all squishy and soft. When you touch it, it feels sticky but when you take it out of your hand, there is no residue. It's pretty weird but Justin loved it and being the awesome big brother that he is, he gave his second prize to Ryan.

This was actually a very good thing because in Ryan's mind, he had ALSO won Bingo. (Although Ryan did get a bingo on his card, it was during a game that was picture frame bingo. To Ryan, bingo is 5 in a row so when he got five in a row, he called BINGO and was anticipating a prize.  Justin, some good luck, some kindness and some help from above helped get Ryan his prize and no meltdown occurred.)  

It was a good night for our family.  I haven't been blogging much recently because we've had a lot of emotional and business stuff going on.  I've missed blogging and am glad to be writing this to you.  I hope to catch you up on what has been happening in our life very soon.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. I knew you'd enjoy the book... making time for the series.. I'm impressed!!! Lisbeth is such a great character... I'd like to hear where you feel she falls on the spectrum... if at all. Glad you're back.

  2. Hi! With what I've read so far, I definitely see aspie traits as well as giftedness. I see some of myself in her character both the bright and the dark but definitely not the size!

    I think as I get to know more about her childhood and background and what "All The Evil" is, I will be able to make a better assessment or at least give a more extensive opinion. I'm about 70 pages into the second book now. Thanks again for helping to get me hooked on this series!

    Happy Valentine's Day!