Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1/1/11 When is it going to SNOW? blog

Happy 1-11-11, Aspierations Friends!

I'm a numbers kind of gal so I definitely HAD to do a blog today!  I bet a lot of other bloggers who enjoy numbers and patterns did as well.

I took a break yesterday because I was starting to feel like I was pressuring myself to write every day.  At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself of 5 blogs a week or 260 for the year.  Still on track!  I like to keep my commitments.

Right now there is a bit of turmoil in the household.  I don't like anyone in the house going to bed angry so we try to rectify any issues we can before we sleep or at least get things to a point where we're calm and realize that we're loved and are making progress on the issue.  I'm starting this blog now at 10:50 p.m. but since I can hear both boys still awake, I'm going to go check on them again in a few minutes and make sure things are settled and give them another goodnight kiss and hug if they are not yet asleep.

I realize that going to bed happy isn't going to happen all the time, especially in a household where meltdowns are not infrequent and calling out "it's bedtime" often gives us villain status, even if we've called out warnings multiple times earlier.  We try though and actually I would say we do a pretty awesome job.  It's something you have to commit to as an adult and certainly something to have patience with. We're all works in progress!

I do have good news about our nightly schedule. Our new routine add-on of nightly devotional readings from the children's books we got them for Christmas is working out nicely.  It's a variation on our nightly prayers and gives us a chance to share a thoughtful lesson before bed.  We alternate between Ryan and Justin's books and do two readings a night. They're short and give good food for thought.

Part of the reason there was extra stress in our family tonight is that one of our sons really feels ripped off that there has not been a snow day yet with an opportunity to miss school.  The rest of us would like a snow day so that we can build a snowman.  Snow is happening up in Seattle, it's happening around the country but here in Vancouver, where we were told we'd get snow a number of times already this month and haven't, it's beginning to tick one of the boys off.  WHEN IS IT GOING TO SNOW???

As SuperMom I can do many things and make all sorts of special things happen but I have yet to perfect a Snow Dance.  I will continue trying.

Now for me growing up in Mountain View, California, I never once had a snow day where I missed school.  Ironically, I did miss school the one day it snowed when I was in elementary school but that was only because I was sick with a cold.  (Imagine being sick the ONLY day in your childhood it ever snowed in the area you grew up.  Bummer, huh?)

John had plenty of snow where he grew up in Wisconsin but he has shared with me many times that it would take a LOT of snow to shut their schools down.  Many times he had to ride to school in the snow on his bike and had wipeouts on the ice.  Ugh.

I think my parents told me once when I was a kid that when they had snow they walked uphill to school both ways and were barefoot to boot!  They might have been exaggerating a bit.

Here in Vancouver, Washington, the people in our city are NOT used to snow so when there does actually get a bit on the ground, schools are usually shut down and so are the roads.  Such was the case a couple years ago around Christmas but since late 2008, we really haven't gotten that much snow, at least much that stuck to the ground for long.  I remember a couple years ago how fun it was sledding in the street with the kids and building a snowman on our front lawn near Christmas time. When you don't grow up with it, it really does seem kind of magical and so much fun to share with the family. I was hoping to have the chance to create some new memories here in 2011.  Time will tell...

Be right back... I want to check on the boys...

I'm back... all is great again in the Krejcha household and therefore in our boys' respective worlds.  I got hugs, kisses, tiny apologies, requests for extra weighted blankets from one and a request to turn up the fan from the other.  Good thing they don't sleep in the same room!  I love my boys!

Time to close the blog out.
It's 11:11 p.m. on 1/11/11.

What other time would I end this?
Talk with you soon!  Hopefully we'll get that snow day here shortly.


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  1. My computer CLOCK said 11:11 when I initially posted but Blogger recorded 11:10. Hmmph!

    I say it was 11:11 and that's my final answer! :-)