Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ryan and Mom's Day at Home

Hi Everyone!

It has been a few days since I last wrote.  I had intended to do a Part 2 follow up to my last blog, "Separate does not mean Equal - Autism Schooling Part 1" but as is often the case, life stuff happens. I hope to follow up on that topic in the future.  Right now other things here at home are taking precedence.

Ryan was sick pretty much all week, the poor little guy.  It's some sort of cold and flu bug with a bad lingering cough.  He had off Monday for MLK day and then he was home sick Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We sent him back on Friday but he still is not at 100%. 

Today John and Justin left in the early morning for a snow tubing and scouting adventure at Mt. Hood in Oregon.  Justin had been looking forward to it for quite some time.  We hadn't been snow tubing in awhile and this was to be his first winter camping trip with the Boy Scouts.  John is an Assistant Scoutmaster for the group and so he went along as well to help with Justin and with any other boys who needed guidance.

They're having an overnight at Mt. Hood and then will be back late Sunday afternoon.  Cell phone reception doesn't seem to be very good up there but I did talk with John and Justin in the middle of the afternoon and at that time both were tired from trekking up and down the snow hills (awwwww....) but were having a great time.  Apparently there were some wipeouts.  I don't know if any were akin to what we've seen lately on "Winter Wipeout" but I hope the boys are not too sore tomorrow.  

I remember when John and I went snow tubing in Alaska back in January of 1994 that he hurt his thumb on one particularly adventuresome trek down the hill.  We had a great time but remarked we weren't as young as we used to be.  January in Alaska... you'd think it would be super cold but we loved it.  Flash forward 16 years later.  Hmm...  Maybe I'll be nice and have a nice muscle soothing mineral bath and rub down waiting for John when he gets back.    I'm sure Justin will want a bubble bath too.  

Truth be known, I could use a nice soak in the tub tonight and when I'm sure Ryan falls asleep, maybe I'll head that way and bring a book with me.  Sure seems odd the nights that John and Justin are away...  I do miss them.

Ryan and I had fun today.  I knew in advance I wasn't going to get much work done so I decided to plan a quality day of fun with Ry without getting him too revved up since he's been feeling so achy. We played a variety of games together including Wii Party, Super Mario Brothers Wii and Mario Kart Wii.  

We also went to the Goldfish website... you know, the snack that smiles back until you bite it's head off?  Yeah... funny but then kind of a creepy end.  Interesting jingle...

Anyway, at the Goldfish Kids site they have a bunch of fun games for kids and one of the games is called "Operation Underpants".  Ryan thinks the game is hilarious.  With a name like "Operation Underpants", it was sure to give him the giggles.

Feel free to check it out with your own kiddos.  The website also has other stuff like Team Xtreme which encourages kids to get out and exercise each day.  When they do and log in their hours, they can enter for sweepstakes prizes and if they log 100 hours, they earn a t-shirt.  The kids in this house love eating Goldfish crackers.

All in all, we had a good day at home and finished it up with reading, devotions, me singing "The 12 months 'til Christmas" song (a knock-off on The 12 Days of Christmas with daily twists) and Ryan and I having a good night.  Hopefully he is now having sweet dreams!

We look forward to hearing about J & J's adventures tomorrow!  I'm sure John will have lots to blog about!

Thanks for stopping by!

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