Sunday, January 16, 2011

Letting The Light Shine... or Maybe Not?

Hey everyone!

I'm going to make this blog a quick one tonight.  I've been battling some sort of stomach / headache bug the past couple of days and sitting in front of a computer and typing isn't particularly what I'm in the mood to do.

That being said, it does keep me focused on other things like my mind racing.  I really don't like being sick (who really does) because when I lay in bed and try to rest, my mind races. I alternate between some sort of hallucinatory dream state and actual dreams which tend to be nightmarish and odd.

The good news is that I think I'm starting to feel a bit better, at least I hope so.  I didn't make it to church today but the boys did and apparently everything there went very well.  John was very helpful in watching the boys the past couple of days while I tried to rest.

To cheer me up, he shared a funny, albeit totally socially inappropriate story with me about his trip to Walmart with Ryan and Justin yesterday.

I have to say that laughing at what is likely inappropriate humor is an Aspie-ish trait that I confess to having a challenge with.  Most of the time when it happens (the laughing), I'm in the company of my family who loves me so it's not a big deal and they're likely laughing along with me anyway.  We're like that...

In public, when such a situation arises and it is DEFINITELY not appropriate to laugh, I will bite my tongue or cheek and immediately try to think of something sad.  Most of the time it works. When I was a kid, not so much...

Yesterday it would not have worked because had I actually been at the store with the boys and John shared with me the story that happened not just ONCE but TWICE, I would have certainly been laughing out loud.  I am going to give you the link to John's blog below so you can read it there.

Rather than spoil the topic, I will just comment and say that the star of this mishap times 2 was Ryan with John in a supporting role.

I will also say that I used to do EXACTLY what Ryan did when I was young and even a few years after I wasn't so young and knew better.  For some reason, it just struck me as funny.  

Most of you mature adults out there will read this and think.... that's not funny at all.  In FACT, someone did THAT to me once and it was NOT at all humorous.

To you, I apologize... sorry if you were an unintended victim.  Sometimes my humor is rather sophomoric and by that, I mean juvenile.   That's with the mask off.  With the mask on, I can show the epitome of maturity and class.  You would not know of the juvenile stuff unless I confessed it to you... or you were close with me back when I was growing up.

Here's the link.

Incidentally, I can think of a few people out there from the past who WOULD find this particular story amusing.  Wouldn't you know it?  I think they're Aspies too... or my quirky silliness rubbed off on them.

Also I DO want to say that after I laughed at the story, I did have a serious talk with my son with my very serious Mommy face and told him that his behavior was not appropriate and NOT a good choice.  I wasn't trying to be hypocritical.  I do want to be a good Mom and of course I do want Ryan to make the right choices. I know he thought what he did was funny and even though it seems to be in his genes, I'm still going to try and help redirect him to behavior that is socially appropriate.

Knowing what is right and wrong and actually following that are two different things.  We'll see what happens when Ryan is at Walmart next time...

Until we meet again!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi, Karen,

    LOL! I went over to John's blog and read the story. It was funny and I left my own recent story with him. I have been the person in the stall and I have been the perpretator as well and always get a chuckle out of it too. This coming from a person off the spectrum!

    Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. Hi June!
    So glad to hear you found the humor in the story too! Loved your own shower incident.

    When I was in college, people would play a prank of taking towels when one was in the shower. Although it petrified me that this would happen to me personally, I have to admit, the concept seemed a bit funny when applied to certain other people.

    Of course I was never one to steal a towel. Turn off a light? Well, that's another story!

    :-) Karen