Monday, January 17, 2011

iPad, DadPad, JustinPad, RyPad - Mom needs a pad of her own!

It sure felt good to sleep in today.  With the boys off from school for the observance of Martin Luther King Day, our Monday was not a typical one but at least it started off with me feeling rested.

Mondays are usually our biggest shipping day of the week but since USPS was off today because of the holiday, we only had UPS to do.  Usually having the boys home while trying to do our daily email, receipts, customer service, labels and shipping routine can slow down the process but today, things went rather smoothly.

THANK YOU to the iPad!  I love, Love, LOVE it!  What a great tool!  Of course I personally rarely get to use it.  When I gave it to John for his birthday last year, I figured he would use it for personal stuff and business, the boys would use it for educational and recreational fun and when no-one else was home, I could sneak on it to check out an app or two myself.

We should call the thing the RyPad because Ryan tends to monopolize it.  I'm not complaining.  When he's using it, he is actively engaged and the learning games and activities he participates in have really helped his academic and even social growth.  Of course, he is also is a master at Google Earth so if you ever need to map any place out, Ryan's your little man to do it.

This afternoon he was sitting in our purple recliner in his HowdaHug sensory chair mesmerized. From where I sit at my desk, I can usually see over his shoulder to make sure he isn't doing anything inappropriate.  We learned our lesson that way.  Our iTunes / apps account was still logged in and Ryan was able to make a rather substantial purchase awhile back.  Sigh...  Of course I know we're not the only ones this has happened to.  

Aside from passwords and app purchases, Ryan is very interested in changing settings.  Justin is like this too and has been very curious about the inner workings of electronics and software for as long as I can remember.  Someday I'll share with you some of the anecdotes as they're pretty funny in retrospect.

Of course the last mishap with Ryan was not so funny.  There is a screen protector (a thin piece of film) that goes over the iPad to make sure it doesn't get scratched or in case someone has their crayons or markers handy, it doesn't get colored in a quick burst of artistic inspiration.  For almost 5 months the screen protector has saved John's iPad from harm however the other day, Ryan got it into his head that he should peel it off.  Although we caught him in the act, it wasn't in time to save the protector and so John had to get a new one at Best Buy the other day.  If you're following his blog at Life and Times of John Krejcha, you may have read the story.

I really would love to have my own iPad someday as there are many tools I would personally find useful for organization, business and personal productivity.  There is also personal stuff I would like to put on there without young eyes seeing.  Sharing the iPad among 4 active computer users and techno-geeks is really a challenge and I tend to defer to John and the boys.

Admittedly I do have two .99 apps of my own, Micester and BubbleShooter.  Woo Hoo! Everyone in the house plays them and they're a fun way to pass the time if you're in a waiting room somewhere and have a little time to kill.  (We brought the iPad to all of Ryan's autism research study appointments in Beaverton which is when I ended up getting a lot of my iPad time in.)

Yes, I do love the iPad.  There is SO much you can do with it!  So... if I run across any iPad sweepstakes, I'm definitely entering or in case Apple wants to send a sample to a blogger with high Aspierations that will enthusiastically promote their product, that works too!  :-)

On another subject, I'm really enjoying "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" book I'm reading. It was recommended by an Aspierations blog friend and repeat visitor.  Quite interesting!  I haven't read as much yet as I would like but I'm now in Part 2 and it's getting good. I'm sure the meaty stuff with the gal will start soon.  Thanks again for the recommendation!  Can't wait to finish it up and then see the movie.

I see John at his desk on his iPad and I'm thinking he's hoping I'll finish up my blog so we can head back to bed.  With the boys back in school tomorrow (perhaps minus one if Ryan isn't feeling any better), it's an early morning and we do have a lot of USPS shipping to do as well as UPS orders that came in today.

I didn't particularly have a topic for this blog.  It's another of my rambles but it continues my pattern of consistent blogging for the year.

Hope the rest of your week is a good one!  To my Aspierations friends out there who have been feeling not so hot, I hope you're doing better soon!  My bug finally seems to be scramming and I hope it will soon be gone for good.

Here is a question for anyone who feels like answering.  If any of you out there are iPad users, what apps have you found most interesting and useful both for you and your other family members? I'm going to do a blog soon on apps that our sons enjoy and ones I think are good to explore for those on the spectrum with autism and Asperger's. Your input is appreciated.

Best wishes,


  1. Love my iPad that I got for Christmas. Still new to it but I like Netflix, weight watchers, pandora, and how quick it is to check email and eBay. Glad you like the book... It'll get better.

  2. Hi there! How cool you got an iPad for Christmas! Glad to hear you're enjoying it. You might want to check out the following link:

    Each Friday there are free educational family-friendly apps and the blog is pretty informative too!

    Karen :)