Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hot Tubbing Outside in 32 Degree Weather - Cool, yet HOT HOT HOT

I wish I had a picture to share with you today of my adventure with John.  Not of us in particular but of the place we were at.  Cool, warm and hot all at the same time!  More on that later.

You ever have those days where you don't want to get out of bed because your bed is so warm and cozy?  Yeah, me too.  I love the feeling of soft plush blankets, snuggly comforters, comfy sheets and pillowcases that stay cool so I don't have to keep flipping the pillow over to get to the cool side!

With the boys on winter break the previous two weeks, we had the luxury of sleeping in a bit.  Now that isn't to say we didn't have any middle of the night interruptions.  John, bless his heart is SO good at taking care of so many of those.  He is also very great about being willing to wake up first to get Justin off to school early.

Of course I'm willing to help out and to do this as well but between the two of us, my body tends to crave more sleep.  It's often hard for me to fall asleep but once I'm there, let it be solid!

Sleep issues are common with children and adults on the autism spectrum.  I've had a challenge with insomnia and nightmares off and on for years.  The latter I think has more to do with some incidents in my life experience.  The former happens because my mind races a lot when I lay down and it is quiet.  Justin has been having problems with this lately as well.  We have given him melatonin but as with me, it's a hit or miss sort of thing.  For me, something like a nighttime p.m. pill or Nyquil does the trick but I don't want to give that to Justin so we just stick with the melatonin on nights where he seems to be extra wound up before bedtime.

Last night I slept fairly well.  I was looking forward to this morning when John and I planned to get the kids off to school, check in on our email and then head off to Portland Tub and Tan for a relaxing noontime session in one of their hot tub suites.  I find water very relaxing and therapeutic.

The indoor room that we wanted (we call it the disco room because of all the lights) was not available.  BOO!  That's three times in a row, I think.  The bad thing about this place is that they don't take reservations.  It's silly that they don't because it's always a hit or miss game if we're going to get a room we like.  Since we're driving in from Vancouver, it's not like we're going to turn around if we don't get a choice but there are definitely some more favorable rooms than others.

The room we ended up getting was an outdoor suite that we had once before back in August.  It was around 32 degrees outside so you can imagine the contrast between body heat, outside temperature and hot tub water.  I wasn't sure exactly how I would respond but after an initial shock which John always tends to find wildly amusing, I found it very refreshing and invigorating going in and out of the water and feeling the contrast between hot and cold.  At one point as I was laying back in the tub, I could simultaneously see steam coming off my legs (I know there is a joke in there somewhere) and my cold breath puffing in the air as I exhaled.  Funny... fascinating... cool...  I recommend you give it a try at least once in your life.  Imagine if it were snowing.  Fun, huh?  

At this place, there is an outdoor waterfall, fireplace, cool asian decor and huge plasma TV. There is a place you can play pre-set music and inside there is a private room with a dual shower, bench to lay down (presumably for a massage but it's hard as a rock so really, how comfy is that?) and a separate bathroom.

If I can get my mind and body to relax, it's a really nice mini-getaway for 90 minutes.  John can get into the relaxing part in about 90 seconds.  For me, I need to acclimate...  I need at least 10 minutes unless of course there is a good song playing.

We had fun and it went well.  The inside room could have been warmer when we got out of the tub but someone in our party of two decided to turn off the showers and inside heat thinking it would be too hot when we went to change.  That was a decision which will not be repeated in the future.  The last sensation I remember in the inside room was of feeling I had just visited the ice cold tundra and wasn't quite prepared clothes-wise...  TMI?  I'm trying to stay family-friendly here.

By the time we got home, I don't think either of us were particularly in a mood to work too hard so I answered emails, did a couple blog press releases for the business and played Wii Party with Ryan when he got home from school.

I can't say that my day was particularly productive workwise but sometimes, especially after a string of stress-filled days, one needs a breather.  It's okay to give permission to myself to take it easy for a day. If I can take care of myself, I can be a better mom, better wife, better self, better entrepreneur, better advocate.

Ideally tonight would be a great night to start into a new book but John and I have been playing 1 a.m. catch up on episodes of Castle (GREAT show, love the dynamics and chemistry between Castle & Beckett) so I don't know if that will happen tonight.  He tends to turn the light off on me when I'm reading... to which I eventually respond in turn by turning the light off on him when he's in the shower.  (Nah... I'd never do that.)

I guess I don't have anything heavy, deep and real for today's blog.  Sometimes my blogs are just about me coming as I am and letting out whatever is in my head.  I would say uncensored and edit-free but I tend to be a bit anal about using the edit button.  I've gotten a lot better.

I invite you to come back for future entries as I like variety in my blogging.  I have a lot of different topics I want to delve into in relation to family life with children who have autism but I haven't organized in my head yet how I want it to all come into play.  Spontaneity may end up being the best choice!

Hope you have a great day / afternoon / evening!
Thanks for stopping by!

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