Monday, October 11, 2010

Shout out to my three 10/10/10 birthday friends & to Thumper on 10/11

Heigh ho, Heigh Ho Aspierations Visitors and Friends!

When I'm around, which is most of the time, I try to log into my Facebook account once a day to see if there are any people I have as Facebook friends who are having a birthday so I can post a kind birthday greeting on their wall.

I noticed that I know a lot of people with October birthdays.  In fact yesterday on October 10th, I sent birthday greetings to three people and the interesting fact there is that all three lived within 1 - 2 blocks of where I grew up in Mountain View.  The first was one of my very first friends in the neighborhood and came to my first birthday party when I turned 5.  I remember playing Duck, Duck Goose and another birthday party attendee who is also a Facebook friend and CEO of a significant consumer electronics company hit me very hard on the head as "Goose".  I didn't hold a grudge but I can visualize where everyone sat and him whacking me on the head to this day.  Wonder if I could get a share of profits in his company?  :-)

The original friend and neighbor was a year older but we were in the same grade and he, his younger brother and I bowled together on the same team in juniors for many years. I also saw him at my wedding and my 20 year high school reunion.

The second person was the mom of one of my best female elementary school friends and was truly one of the coolest mothers out there.  Their family moved away when I was starting junior high but flew back for when I had the lead in my first school musical in 8th grade and also flew back for my wedding.  Ironically I keep in touch with her more than I do my elementary school friend and even stayed at their house in Pennsylvania when I was at a Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour stop in Delaware one year.

The third person moved into the same house as one of my other female BFFs from elementary school who had moved away in sixth grade.  He was a grade younger but he and I became friends in high school and shared the love of acting, music and causing mischief.  He moved away during his senior year of high school but flew back a couple times and took a train across the country for my wedding. I think he also pranked my guest book but he'll never tell.  I stayed at his place while the LPBT was in Michigan and was so thrilled when he came out to watch me bowl.

Digression start: I know that might seem silly but it was very rare that I ever had any of my friends or family see me bowl.  John watched the most and almost always saw me locally.  He accompanied me when I won a tournament for the chance to represent the USA in New Zealand but he only was able to make it to a couple national stops and my parents never did get that chance.  I think my dad came once while I was in college bowling for Cal Poly and my mom and dad came to one LPBT regional stop where I did well.   Digression end.

So getting back to the above, where I am still occasionally in touch with 3 people born on 10/10, isn't that sort of bizarre?  All three born on the same day, all three lived very near me and all three came to my wedding.  I stayed at two of their homes out of state when I was touring with the LPBT and the third person I bowled with for many years.

I have always had a close connection to a lot of people with October birthdays.  There's Justin (my son) and there is my first real boyfriend and major life-changer (he knows who he is).  There is Hai (now Randy) who I helped connect with my family after he came over on a boat from Vietnam in 1981, my birthfather Terry, John's father Larry (same day), Marie Osmond (same day as Terry and Larry. We're not close but we've been out to Vegas upon her invitation a few times because we're a top 5 vendor of selling her doll line).  There's also a bowling friend Nick from juniors who now also lives in WA and lots of other great peeps too.

Is your birthday in October?  If so, please post in my comments section what day it is so that I can give you a shout out and birthday serenade.  Don't be shy!  (I used to hate it when people said that.)  If you don't want to, that's okay, I won't embarrass you.  I'll just say "HAPPY October fill in the blank Birthday" here and hope your day is AMAZING and filled with love, laughter, happiness, humor, hope and a virtual hug from your Aspierations Friend, Karen.  :-)

Today's happy birthday wish goes to my very special Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour roomie, "Thumper". She and I joined the tour as rookies in the mid 90s and we roomed together quite a bit the first year.  The second and third years she wasn't out full time but we would occasionally room together and cause mischief.  When she was out we'd drive around the country together and THAT was an adventure.  I know she'll likely never visit my blog but if she does, "Thumper... Corpus Christi... a borrowed white van... sea gulls... beach... 'nuff said!"

With a couple rare exceptions the first and third years, I almost always roomed alone.  It was way more comfortable for me.  When she was around, we could drive each other bonkers if we were in the same room but we were always good sports about it and gave it a shot.  She and I went through a lot together, good, great and crazy. We had rookie ups and downs, we met lots of cool people in cities throughout the country, we went through emotional stuff together and struggled to find sponsors.  We had lots of laughs and a blast in Corpus Christi, TX, New Orleans, LA, Las Vegas, NV... so many memories. She was a lefty, I was a righty.  She was "Thumper", I was "Krusher Pro" (because I threw the ball with a lot of strength and power) or "Tiger Karen" (wonder where that nickname came from).  She was single and very attractive to men so a lot of times, I ended up out with her as a double-date at dinner or dancing to keep her safe.  Sometimes I didn't realize it was a "date" until the end even though I told her to always tell the men I was married and not available. ARRGH! Let me clarify there was no "romance" part on my end of the outing even though I had a couple Sugar-Daddy offers which I always DEFINITELY declined.  I never realized there were so many dirty old men out in the world as I did when I was on tour.  Young and hormone-crazed, I got and was better at dealing with (slightly better).  The other... seriously.... YUCK!  I was married but my roomie was someone about 6 years younger than me and in some ways, just as innocent and I felt I needed to protect her.  It was like the naive leading the naive sometimes but we definitely had God watching out for us.

We both made it to Visionary Staff right before I ended up having to leave tour.  Things were starting to come together for me bowling wise and I was getting in a groove.  Unfortunately stuff happened and it never came to fruition.  By the time I might have gone back out on tour part-time, the LPBT (then WPBA) dissolved due to lack of sponsorship money.  They have never had an independent national women's tour since.  I guess I'll just have to get back in shape and go out as a senior!!  (You know what?  I'm not even kidding.  I still want that one national title and a 300 on TV wouldn't be bad either!)

"Thumper" brought out my inner child and was like a sister to me and was the last most significant friendship I had in person with a female adult.  She also was a big believer in God and got me thinking again about what kind of relationship I wanted with Him.  My buddy and I pretty much lost touch about 12 years ago although whenever I use Pantene shampoo, I remember our amazing times "living the dream" on tour.  She doesn't use the internet like I do but every once in awhile we exchange a couple sentences online.  Hope wherever she is that she had an AWESOME birthday!

Well, I kept it light today!  I still have lots on my mind but I felt I needed to mix things up a bit.  If you feel like saying hi in the comments section, please feel free to do so.

Best wishes for a super rest of the week!

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