Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missed You Today! Where were you?

Hello Aspierations Friends,

I missed you guys and gals today.  Where were you?  I bet a lot of you had busy schedules this holiday weekend!  Hopefully whatever you were doing, you had time to relax and share a little love and laughter with someone you care about.  I pretty much worked all day and told myself if I finished a couple projects I wanted to complete that I could do a blog for my Aspierations buddies before going to bed.  Yes, I know, I realize sometimes I'm probably just writing to myself or just a few (I hear crickets chirping...) but it's therapeutic and it helps keep me motivated knowing that I'm doing a little something toward fulfilling my dreams and aspierations each day.

On the plus side, I got to sleep in this morning which is a real treat and something I won't be doing again on the weekends for awhile due to John going away and Justin having various scouting commitments.  That's okay, though. It gives me a chance to buckle down and work for my business, Count Your Beans.

Speaking of which, I just finished work for the day. I realize this really isn't the place to plug my Dolls, Bears and Collectibles business and I don't want to lose any of you, but in case any of you out there have girls or know doll collectors or are looking for unique holiday treasures, I wanted to say that I just launched a really great Silent Auction through the CYB blog with 27 Marie Osmond dolls.  If you have daughters, wives, girlfriends, mothers or know any women into Strawberry Shortcake, I've got some rare treats available. Everything is Artist Proof, First Production Sample or has a Certificate of Authenticity # of 5 or 6 which is special because those are from Marie Osmond's vault collection and are being released to the public for the first time through Count Your Beans Dolls & Bears.  Even if you're not a doll person, you might want to take a look and let me know what you think.  :-)

I also currently have about 250 auctions and buy-it-nows in our CountYourBeans eBay store and about 120 items in our Amazon storefront including new Adora, Kewpie and Madame Alexander doll listings.  As has been the case since I founded the company over 11 years ago, we donate a portion of all proceeds to charities which support children.  We're supporting the National Bullying Prevention month campaign through Pacer Center as well as the Susan G. Komen foundation this month in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We of course also support a variety of autism awareness and research groups.

Our service is supreme and our turnaround time is amazing. Our 20,000 + positive references at eBay with 100% feedback rating can reassure you that we're too legit, too legit to quit!  (Okay, with that MC Hammer reference, I might have lost one or two of ya!)  We truly appreciate your support and/or referrals.

Who knows, maybe someday after I've figured a bunch of stuff out (and have won the eye of Bill Gates or some other amazing mentor), I can sell CYB, be a philanthropist and start an Aspierations non-profit.   :-)  High hopes, you gotta have high hopes!!

Well, I guess the plug for Count Your Beans is complete.  Feel free to check out our CYB Blog, the website and our other venues!  Thanks!

So I wanted to talk about something else now.... but it's getting kind of late and to be honest, I've had a migraine all day and it wouldn't be bad if I took a break from the computer.  Question for you spectrum travelers, do you find yourself getting really bad headaches or migraines frequently, like 5x or more a week?  I've noticed it getting worse over the past 10 years or so.  It's pretty chronic and I'm thinking of trying to take something for it since the OTC stuff doesn't seem to be doing much.  It may be related to my anemia or it could be a combination of things (loud noises, fluorescent lights, bad smells).  I have also had problems with vitamin absorption and vitamin-D deficiencies too. Oh the joy of getting older. Fun, fun!

Hey, did you ever notice when you were a kid or even a teen that mid-40s seemed like OLD age?  But then as you slowly crept up the age-o-meter, that old age barometer also went up?  I'm 42 and will be 43 on Thanksgiving.  I've decided this year that old age is somewhere around 95.  I told myself when I turned 40 that I'd be FREE at 40, free to me be, free to pursue dreams, free to live the life still unwritten.  I haven't accomplished even a fraction of what I had intended to do by now but I have been blessed with so much that I've got to keep those dreams and aspierations coming.

Hope you have a nice holiday weekend for my USA visitors and for everyone else, a great weekend or great day or evening wherever you are!

Drop me a note in the comments section if you're feeling inclined!  Tell me what you did this weekend!

And don't forget to hug someone you care about and let your light shine!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me, one of the world's biggest Tiger lovers! (and no, I do not mean Woods!)


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