Saturday, October 2, 2010

Francine is in the house! She doesn't look like a CEC Mouse!

Sometimes it is the silliest little things that will crack me up.

Ryan suddenly decided this afternoon that John's name needed to be changed.  Instead of Dad or John or the occasional "evil daddy", it was now to be Francine.  


Not even Frank?

For some reason, I thought this was incredibly funny and so did Ryan because for the next 20 minutes while John Francine and Ryan were interacting, he kept finding opportunities to use Francine's name in a sentence.  

Hooray for imaginative play!  

A few minutes went by and Ryan left the office and came back.  I thought he had left to go to the bathroom but instead, stealth ninja in training that he is, it turns out he snuck into our bedroom.  Ryan came back wearing one of my silk robes. (Oh yes, I realize it could have been worse! Not going there!) Francine? You want to handle this one?

Of course I suppose that beats earlier this afternoon.  Justin, John and Ryan went out around the neighborhood so that Justin could try to earn some money selling popcorn for Boy Scouts. None of the three noticed that Ryan was wearing just a t-shirt and little boxer shorts as he was making the rounds.  Apparently pants were optional, although I was relieved to hear that my other guys were fully dressed. I have to give Francine John some credit though.  At least Ryan had on boxer shorts that could kind of pass for shorts! 

Usually Ryan wears regular boys underwear (briefs) and we've had challenges for quite some time in trying to get him to put them back on once he exits the bathroom. If Ryan had his druthers, clothes would be optional.  We try to choose clothing which make him feel comfortable because he has a sensitivity to certain fabrics and textures.  We often cut the tags out of the back of his shirts because they make him itch.  To be honest, I'm not a big tag fan either.


Less than 24 hours from now we will be at Justin's 11th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!  YIKES!  Nine boys will be there including Justin and Ryan.  Of the nine coming, six are diagnosed on the autism spectrum, one is undiagnosed but likely hangs there as well and two are typically developing.  There should be some parents hanging around as well.  I haven't started freaking out yet. Wish me luck!

I wrote a blog on Monday, September 27th about birthday parties and children on the autism spectrum.  If you haven't seen it yet, I invite you to check it out!

Justin is REALLY looking forward to his birthday and his party.  I love to see his excitement.  Ryan is jazzed as well because he remembers their special climbing play structure where he can take off his shoes, slide, climb, roll, tumble and pretend he doesn't hear me calling him.  He is my little exercise buddy and likes to engage me in "Chase the Ryan" so I can burn off the pizza that tends to be a moment on my lips and a lifetime on my hips.

If you've never been to Chuck E Cheese, it's a lot like Bullwinkle's except that personally, I think Bullwinkle's has a cooler vibe if you're over a certain age.  You have Rocky, Bullwinkle, bad-ass Natasha and Boris vs.... well.... a cheesy giant mouse.  No competition.

When you're under 12, I can see the mousey appeal.  At least, I see it through Justin and Ryan's eyes and right now, that's what counts!  I had a birthday party at a CEC in San Jose when I was 10 and although I remember what I wore and I remember playing the arcade games, I don't particularly recall detailed interaction with Chuck.  I suppose if he had been in a giant tiger costume, I might have given him the time of day.  

Gotta love a good chocolate moose... 

There is a Bullwinkle's Restaurant and Family Fun Center in Wilsonville, OR but we haven't been yet.  We'll likely check it out within the next year because they have miniature golf, laser tag, go karts, batting cages and bumper boats. I think the boys and their oh-so-hip mom would enjoy it.  I occasionally went to the Bullwinkles that used to be in Santa Clara, CA but it was just a restaurant with an arcade and not an actual fun center.  Still, I remember lots of good times there! Anyone else?

How did I digress yet again?  It's a gift, it's a curse.  Could you imagine what it's like being in my head sometimes?  It feels like I'm continually multi-tasking, watching movies and instant replays, planning for the future, analyzing the past, keeping control of the present.  Lots of visuals, lots of patterns...  I appreciate it when I can channel my energy and focus on something specific.  

My head is its own entertainment center...  If I could only find the remote.

It's probably with my lost socks.

Now who put that .jpg in there? Was it YOU, Easter Bunny, World's Greatest Sock Thief?

I need to get back to work for Count Your Beans because we have a special CYB Vault auction closing in a couple hours and I need to do some last minute marketing but if I get a chance, I'll write again later.  Justin is at a friend's house and should be home soon.  As we tend to make birthdays in this family into a birthday celebration weekend, I will likely be spending time with him, Ry and John Francine later this evening.  

I'll be back to blogging about Bullying Prevention on Monday or Tuesday after I do my blog about Justin's birthday party either Sunday or Monday.  I already have some great links to share with you!  

Stay strong, be safe, don't let 'em get to you either, Aspierations friends!  You're awesome!

Best wishes for a great rest of the weekend!

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