Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comments on the Aspierations Blog

Hello Aspierations Visitors and Returnees,

This will be a quick housekeeping blog directed toward those who have recently made postings in the Comments section of the Aspierations blog.

It came to my attention today that Blogger has a new Spam feature where through some formula, they ascertain when you leave a comment on my blog if is legitimately relevant or spam.  I found this out when I was in my Dashboard deleting some inappropriate comments and noticed that my Spam folder had a number of messages inside.  Some had been there for awhile, sorry!

A number of the messages marked by Blogger as spam were legitimate, so I went ahead and approved all those messages and they should now be posted.  I apologize if you were adversely impacted by this.  Believe me, I wasn't trying to censor you!  If you were flagged by Blogger as a spammer and can't post, please try again.  Hopefully my approving your messages shall fix the issue.

Conversely, a number of very rude and inappropriate messages were able to escape the spam filter and get through so I have no clue how it works.  Seems it is done arbitrarily although I'm sure there is a method to it.  I'm working on figuring it out.

I want to apologize to those who may have tried posting comments but didn't see them post right away.  If this happened to you, it wasn't me stopping the posting, it was the spam filter.  Could you please tell me if at the time your message was blocked by Blogger and temporarily moved to Spam if you received a message of any type from Blogger? I'm trying to understand how the whole thing works.

On the positive side, I can now mark inappropriate messages as spam.  Don't worry, I believe in freedom of speech, however some posts just don't need to be here.  Speaking of which, I have blocked a number of ISPs.  I realize that some people have a way around this but I am very aware now of what is going on and am on top of it.

If for some reason, you can't post either because Blogger flagged you as a possible spammer or because you believe I may have accidentally blocked you, please drop me a line at and explain the situation.  I truly want people with positive intentions here and the last thing I want to do is have you go away.

For those hesitant to post, please don't be shy.  I welcome your comments.  Constructive criticism and differing opinions are fine by me.  Of course compliments and encouragement are always welcome too!  Questions are definitely encouraged.  One thing I ask is that you not make personally disparaging and below the belt comments toward me, my family, my Aspierations blog friends and visitors or those I care about.  I also would appreciate you not insulting those with special needs.  You don't have to like me and you certainly don't have to love me.  You don't have to agree with me. I just ask that if you disagree with something I say that you post in a respectful way. I welcome debate and intelligent discourse.

Okay, enough housekeeping!

I will be posting a blog later this evening in relation to National Bullying Awareness month.  I have some really great links for you guys so I invite you to come back!  I could use your support!  :-)



  1. Hi Karen,
    I'm surprised that you're not having better results with the spam filter. I haven't had any problems with blogger blocking the wrong things.

    You'd be surprised how many "supposedly innocent" comments are actually spam. You can tell because they're not on topic.

    As for blogger not blocking things - that would be if someone deliberately directs something not-nice towards you.

    Spam tends to be recognised as stuff that is sent to lots of people "word-for-word" the same. A one-off negative comment sent only to you wouldn't flag itself as spam.

  2. Hi Gavin,
    Thanks so much for your comments and for reminding me that spam and harassment are two different animals as far as filters go. I guess Blogger's spam filter is doing a good enough job keeping the spam out. I guess it's just wishful thinking on my part that they would keep the nincompoops out too.

    As an example, the other day someone made an anonymous really rude comment to me and it also referenced and insulted the comments of another anonymous poster. The original rude comment went through just fine until I deleted it.

    The other poster whose comments were referenced responded back and his comments were flagged as spam and not posted. I looked at the verbiage and there was no swearing or words that I would think would get flagged. The post was a bit defensive (rightfully so) but I have posted defensively before as well and it has gone through fine. I have seen others post much more offensively and they go through fine too.

    I think I am on top of it all for now. I am doing some blocking and reporting and have been making some notes about the timing of the posts.

    I always appreciate your feedback! Hope you're feeling much better now! Thanks for stopping by! :-)