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Bullying & Cyberbullying Prevention Links - Ideas for Kids to Make A Difference

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Housekeeping first! (Because I'm such a domestic goddess... Martha Stewart, move on over!)

Happy Columbus Day weekend! Our boys had the day off of school today.  Justin was thrilled. Ryan was a bit bummed.  We spent much of the day at Ryan's autism research study in Beaverton, OR and then part of the afternoon walking with Justin and sharing in his first geocaching adventure.

Also to be noted at 5:33 a.m., I was in Ryan's room singing (to the tune of 10 Little Indians) "900, 901, 902 little Ryans, they were sleeping and doing no cryin', 903, 904, 905 little Ryans, they slept through the rest of the night...  906, 907, 908 little Ryans, they looked like Mommy with hair like lions, 909, 910, 911 little Ryans, they had really sleepy heads... and wanted to snuggle in their beds..."  Watch for my single on iTunes in November!  I think I made it up to number 968 before he was asleep again.  (I didn't fall asleep again until around 1125...)

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog postings over the past week.  I'm seeing both new and seasoned posters here and welcome the input of both!  I think I have caught up on answering your comments and unless you were inappropriate, your postings shall still be available.

By the way, my husband John at Life and Times of John Krejcha just posted his 200th blog.  I got him a cake for his 100th (still waiting for mine... kidding) and for his 200th he wanted a Whopper for lunch and Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner!  Fine dining at Casa de Krejcha... ooh la la... jealous?  I can arrange a candlelight dinner party invitation!

I have anecdotes to share this weekend but before writing about that stuff, I wanted to keep my commitment and do a follow-up on a topic I began to address last week.

On October 1st, I wrote a blog highlighting the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month in the USA.  I've received a couple emails since that time asking if this is a national thing or if it is a promotion tied in with one particular organization.  Apparently other groups have their own Anti-Bullying Campaign weeks as well.

So... I did a little Google searching and although there are groups out there that do anti-bullying campaigns at various times of the year, there does seem to be quite a bit of information which would indicate that October is the "official" month.  I am going to provide a few resources for you below to check out.

I also wanted to point out that October is also the month for National Breast Cancer Awareness and has been so for 25 years according to  Breast cancer has affected our extended family and friends. We honor, respect and appreciate those who are survivors and advocates for cancer research and awareness. Ladies, get those mammograms!  Your loved ones want you around!


This year marks the fifth anniversary of PACER'S National Bullying Prevention Month.

They have lots of activities going on all month long throughout the country!  Please check out their website for details.

Here is my personal take on this.  If you have children or teens in your home or you're a teacher or care provider, this is a great opportunity to show our youth a way they can serve in their own schools and make a positive difference in their community. By taking initiative and responsibility, showing respect and teaching cooperation, our children can take on leadership roles that promote and model inclusion, acceptance and positive values.

One easy way is by passing out free bookmarks that PACER provides upon request.  One style is geared toward elementary school children and the other includes a special pledge for middle school and high school students featuring cyber-bullying prevention strategies.

There is currently an online petition on the PACER website that kids and adults can digitally sign.  It's quick, it's free, it's easy and it's one small step of advocacy that rewards with pride and increased self-esteem.  - The End of Bullying Begins With Me.

This is also a great time for educators to hold school assemblies that promotion inclusion, acceptance, awareness and understanding of children and teens with special needs and differing abilities.


More Resources:

CNN partnered this week with the Cartoon Network and PEOPLE magazine to provide a variety of coverage on the topic of bullying.

This comes from the CNN website:

Anderson Cooper will host a one-hour special Town Hall Meeting to discuss what is being called a nationwide bullying epidemic. Bullying: No Escape; an AC 360 Special report with PEOPLE Magazine and Cartoon Network will air on Friday, Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. on CNN. The town hall participants will include author and psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, and Rosalind Wiseman, author of the best-selling book"Queen Bees and Wannabees", which inspired the movie "Mean Girls." American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox as well as families struggling with the death of loved ones will also discuss their personal experiences with the issue of bullying.

Thank you to Aspierations Blog friend, June for this link about Cyberbullying on the internet:

This particular link sends you to a wealth of information.  I know it helped me!  You rock, June!

I also wanted to share:

Judge Tom stopped by Aspierations and suggested these resources as well.  With 23 years of experience in juvenile court, he has come to the belief that teenagers often learn from the experience of their peers, not just being lectured by those in authority.  "Teen Cyberbullying Investigated" was published in January 2010.  It is interactive and helps promote the idea for youth to "Think B4 U Click". (a free resource site for and about teens and the law)

If you have additional resources you'd like to share, please post them in the Comments section or drop me a line at and I'll be happy to include them!

The End of Bullying Begins With Me (and you too)!


  1. Thanks for the bullying resourcecs, Karen. I am going to make note of them and pass them on to the teachers at school.


  2. After 23 years in juvenile court, I believe that teenagers often learn from the experiences of their peers, not just from being lectured by those in authority. Consequently, “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” was published in January, 2010.
    Endorsed by Dr. Phil on April 8, 2010 ["Bullied to Death" show], “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” presents real cases of teens in trouble over their online and cell phone activities. Civil & criminal sanctions have been imposed on teens over their emails, blogs, text and IM messages, Facebook entries and more. TCI is interactive and promotes education & awareness so that our youth will begin to “Think B4 U Click.”

    Thanks for looking at “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” on [publisher] or on [a free website for & about teens and the law].

    Regards, -Judge Tom

  3. Hi June! You're very welcome regarding the resources. I hope the teachers at your school find them useful. :-)

    Hello Judge Tom! Thank you so much for visiting my Aspierations blog and for sharing your comments. I appreciated the opportunity to visit your website and to learn about TCI and the work that you have done. I will edit my blog posting to include the resources you shared.

    I hope both of you will stop by again and share your thoughts!

    Best wishes,

  4. These are great resources Karen! There are so many things that teachers and parents can do to help stop bullying at schools. I wanted to share with you a great anti-bullying resource I came across, It also offers a lot of advice about things that schools can implement to help stop bullying. I hope this is a helpful resource!

  5. Very nice resources Karen, informative like gold :)
    nice advice about school bullying.