Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4th Annual Corn MAIZE Trip to Sauvie Island - Amazing Time

Hi Amazing Aspierations Friends!

Check out the A-MAIZE-ing time we had today going through the corn maze at The Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island in Portland, OR.

After you're done with my version of today's events, please feel free to check out my husband John's blog at the Life and Times of John Krejcha - Maize the Corn Be With You!

A picture of The Maize 2010 with a ghostly photographer in the background!

I'm sorry for not having the opportunity to blog yesterday. Between family stuff and work stuff, it unfortunately wasn't in the cards.  For those who stopped by yesterday, thanks!  I appreciate you coming back again.  Hopefully you'll enjoy tonight's entry.

Well, for the fourth year in a row, the Krejcha family has taken a trip from Vancouver, WA to Sauvie Island in Portland, OR for an adventure at The Pumpkin Patch.  They have pumpkin picking, hay bale climbing, a cow train, a gift shop, hay rides, a barn where you view farm animals and very DELICIOUS corn.  If you are ever in the area in the fall, it's a great place to take the kids of all ages.

The highlight of each year for our family is a trip through their infamous corn "maize".  Each year they do something different creating a new maize that has never been done before.  One year it was a tribute to the Portland Trailblazers and this year as you can see in the picture above, this year's corn maize featured a big heart in the middle. Ya gotta have heart... (Quick! Name the musical!)

They also do a separate haunted maize which is only open in the evening time.  We haven't ventured through that one yet, although in our first year's attempt at the regular maze, we started late and it was dark by the time we got done.  It was also muddy and there was ominous music playing nearby from the haunted area.  Although in retrospect we all had a good enough time to turn it into a family tradition, I think we were all happy and relieved to make our way out of the dark that first year.

The Field of Screams - this year's Haunted Maize

Nancy Drew got a clue and the next year our family went earlier in the day, earlier in the week since weekdays are not as crowded and we participated during good weather without mud.  I still remember Ryan in his first year after about a half hour plopping down in the mud in the middle of the maze and refusing to budge.  This was in October of 2007 so he was a little under 1 1/2 at the time.  Carrying a little guy in the slippery mud in the dark is more of a trick than a treat!

This year Ryan was very excited about the entire adventure and he had his best time yet.  Justin had a blast too and brought his handheld Garmin E-Trex GPS with him that he got for his birthday.  We even attempted a geocaching adventure afterwards.  There was a little challenge keeping everyone on track in the maize with whose turn it was to choose directions.  After getting lost a little bit at the beginning, we actually made pretty good time. Of course it did help that John had a postcard map of the maize with an aerial view. I think it took about 40 minutes.  We did stop in the middle a little bit to play in the heart of the maze.  The adventure was definitely worth our time and worth every penny as well.

I'm including a few pictures here but I also have an album up at Facebook that you should be able to view from this link:

(The picture link above should work even if you don't have a Facebook account.  If you're not a friend on Facebook and want to be, feel free to send me a friend request.  Please say that you're from the Aspierations blog so I'll know the reference, thanks!)

It was sunny while we were out there and there is a little glare in some of the photos but overall, I think they turned out pretty well and captured the fun and energy of our pre-Halloween venture!

Excited, enthusiastic and ready to go!

Ryan kept his arms up like that until we got into the maize.  He was VERY excited!

Cute rules. When I'm 99, I'm bringing in a strawberry daiquiri!

Children of the Corn?  (Okay, who out there watched that movie?)

Mom will save me from the Children of the Corn!!!!!

View from the first bridge!  Long way to go!

There are 10 checkpoints on the maize.  The mid-way point was after the 2nd checkpoint. HUH????

Justin in the "heart" of the maze.  How sweet!

More pictures on our Facebook link above!  I'll just jump now to....

where John wanted me to show you "The End"

We'll show you our face but no "about face" here!

Sweet moment with Ryan and Mr. Ducky

The Perfect Pumpkins indeed!

In addition to "The Pumpkin Patch" in Sauvie Island, there is also a place called Bi-zi Farms in Vancouver, WA that we've been to the past couple of years.  I'm not sure if we'll make it there this year since they're only open on the weekends and John will be gone on Friday and Saturday of this week.  I'm hoping we can still make it the following Friday because they also have fun activities like pumpkin launching, pony rides, playing in the corn bin, a mini corn maze and a medium size maze.  

If you've never done pumpkin launching, imagine putting a pumpkin in a big slingshot, pulling back and letting it go.  In fact, if you've seen "The Amazing Race" this season, it is similar to the watermelon launching that happened during one of the activities.  However unlike the home shopping network lady and her watermelon face smash, none of us has gotten whacked yet with a pumpkin.  Yet...

Last year's 1st attempt!

Justin got some really good air on his launch!

Going to "The Pumpkin Patch" and "Bi-Zi Farms" is a lot of fun for our family.  When we lived in California, there was a small pumpkin patch with a train ride, small maze and farm animals just a few blocks away from where I grew up in Mountain View.  The area was almost all housing but there was this one patch of land that was about 15 acres or so at the corner of Grant Road and Levin and for a number of years when I was an adult, there would be a cool little pumpkin patch there.  We'd pick out pumpkins, Justin would ride the mini train and we'd each get an orange pumpkin shaped sugar cookie at the end.  Ryan got to go there for his first Halloween.  I don't have pictures on this computer but I'll try to find a few to post by the end of the month.

I never really remembered visiting many pumpkin patches as I grew up.  I remember one year we went to Half Moon Bay and that was kind of cool.  Nowadays, I think there are a few other places in the South Bay that are a little closer to go to.  

I did occasionally go to a haunted house or two.  It was a SCREAM of a time, I tell ya.

If you have a favorite pumpkin patch or Halloween type place that you and your family like to attend, please include a link to it here.  I'd love to check it out and see what kind of places there are throughout the country and the world!

Did you know it is just 11 days until Halloween and we STILL don't have our costumes yet?  SHEESH!
Maybe I'll let my Aspierations viewers decide what I should dress up as.  Of course I'm setting myself up there... 

This was last year!  Bewitching, AYE!

Luigi got the treats and Scooby Doo got plenty of Scooby snacks!

How about you?  What are your Halloween plans?
Falling for my Aspierations buddies,


  1. Still HOT! You are one sexy momma, Karen. Great photos, TK

  2. Why thank you, Anonymous! You made my evening! :)