Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Aspierations Shout Out to Autism Creations on Facebook!

Hello Aspierations Friends & Visitors!

I am on many different mailing lists for Autism and Asperger's advocacy.  I have joined many Facebook groups.  I read lots of different blogs and forums.  I think oftentimes when a parent has a child or children with an Autism or Asperger's diagnosis, the social networking, advocacy and informational sites can be a real blessing, providing reassurances to people that they are not the only ones out there facing certain situations. It takes away some of the isolation that many Autism families can find themselves feeling.

Today I wanted to recommend to you a special lady on Facebook named Michelle Cook Michels who is the creator and designer for Autism Creations.  She donates time from her busy schedule to make free special online pictures, tags, snags, ribbons and graphics for families and friends to help promote Autism & Asperger's acceptance and awareness.

She is truly a positive example of someone with high Aspierations letting her light shine!  I invite you to check out her Facebook group page.

If you are interested in getting any of her free artwork to promote advocacy, awareness and pride, you can place a request in any of her "Open Offers" listings.  When the artwork is ready, it will be ready online in the "Pickups" folder.  You just click on an image to make it large and then do a "save as" or "save image as" on your computer.

Although I'm fairly new to visiting her group, she seems to have a few different open offers running at any one point in time.  

I hope this helps some of you guys and gals out there who are looking for a fun, free, creative and easy way to show support for your loved ones on the autism spectrum!

Best wishes for a fantastic weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Karen. I've already made a couple requests!

  2. Love the Ribbons!!! I will give them a shout out as well.

  3. Thank you for this, It means alot to me :)
    Michelle (Autism Creations)

  4. Hi Michelle, John and Anonymous Friend!
    Glad you liked the link and blog!

    I was delighted to share this with other Aspierations blog visitors. Michelle does super work and I wish her the best in all her creative endeavors!

    Best wishes,