Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aspierations Blog Friends are Awesome + Clint vs. Arnold, Who Wins?

Aspierations Blog Friends are AWESOME, wouldn't you agree?

It had been awhile since I blogged, so when I was writing my last post, Through the Vicissitudes in Life, I am Never Truly Alone, I wanted to be true to myself but not scare all my visitors and blog buddies away, especially when many were so nice to check up on me again after my absence.

If you haven't read the post yet, it's a fairly serious one and if you're looking for a late night light reading snack, it really doesn't fit that particular menu.  The reason I am mentioning it now is to say that after writing that particular post, I felt a large weight lifted off of my shoulders.  Blogging is often therapeutic for me and this was one of those times when I saved myself a hefty counseling bill.  It's not as if my problems were solved BUT by releasing some of the weight and pain I was feeling out into the blogosphere, many of the feelings I had about keeping stuff bottled inside were diluted.

To add icing to the cake (in a flavor that I like), I had responses in the Comments section of my blog posting from 4 amazing people who took time from their busy day, their own complex lives and their own "stuff" to come into my world for a moment and share with me what they were thinking, to give words of encouragement and to let me know that what I wrote was okay to share.  Thanks for being on my side!

Making my way in life often means road bumps, twists, turns and ditches but there have been and will again be majestic views, amazing journeys, fantastic highs and unforgettable life experiences.  There have been incredible people along the way who have joined me in my journey and I cherish those memories and travels together. Of course visitors who have gone on a road trip with me have naturally ended up going their own way eventually.  We may travel similar paths and similar points in time but eventually, everyone has their own choices to make, directions to take and personal life path to follow.

You never know how and when paths may converge again but I believe there are reasons for when they do and I look forward to seeing some of my fellow travelers one day again. I am grateful for the road warriors who in their journey making their own way, took a rest stop to check out my blog the other day when I really craved friendship and support.  So thank you to all who commented!  You know who you are and I appreciate you hanging out with me through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! 

One very special Aspierations amigo threw out the Clint Eastwood reference and so I am shamelessly stealing borrowing it and plugging it here. Incidentally, blog friends something has been weighing on my mind today. It's not very significant in the grand scheme of things but it's in my head nonetheless and now I am sharing it with you, especially those who have lived in California for any particular length of time..

Here is the QUESTION.  Think carefully before you answer!  Who would win in a battle between Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger??  (Given that elections are coming up soon, this could be a political question or if you watched those guys in the movies, it could be just an all out kick butt, take no prisoners question. You decide, then let me know in the comments section!)  

Personally, I'm thinking once they started battling it would soon be a Dead Pool.  (Even I am going ugh on that one.  Badda bing, badda BOO!!!)

Okay, so let me go ahead and Terminate those references and move onto something else before I lose Total Recall of what I wanted to say and need a Kindergarten Cop who looks like Dirty Harry to tell me I've received a Raw Deal.  (Yeah, yeah, groan, groan!  It's part of my charm.  Just think if you had to live with me what kinds of puns and pop culture references I could share with you on a daily basis!  This Million Dollar Baby could have been Twins, you know.)  By the way, if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, you're not a native Californian, you're not a movie buff or you're under 30.  If it's the latter, go ask your Dad what I'm talking about!  Your Mom might know too but that's only those super cool kinda Moms who don't mind accompanying their boyfriend / significant other / spouse to a testosterone filled film.  Arnold and Clint are definitely not chick flick kinda guys!  :-)


Switching to another subject, my cutie pie Ry just had his first day of his second year of preschool last Thursday. 

On Tuesday he had a preview orientation and couldn't wait for the big day!  Even Justin joined in the classroom celebration!

As you can see, Ryan is wearing a special weighted vest for the first day (and subsequent days) of school.  The vest helps regulate him and when he's wearing it, there is less "WILD BODY".  Of course a little wild body does everybody good!  :-) 

 Is it just me or does the school load for 4 year olds seem a little heavy nowadays?

DA PLANE! DA PLANE!!   (Oops, wrong decade!)  Da Bus!  Da Bus!

A new bus number for the year!  68!  This means a new number will soon be added to Ryan's favorite number hall of fame!  (Thank goodness Bus 54 still brings him home in the afternoon.  WHEW!)


I still have a lot of catch up to share with you guys and gals so I promise to be blogging again soon, either Wednesday or Thursday.

If you're a fan of the Children's Miracle Network, Wednesday, September 15th is Miracle Jeans Day!  Go casual, wear your jeans (they'll make your butt look cuter, I promise) and support a wonderful charity, amazing kids and a super cause!

Thanks for stopping by!!! 
Happy smiles,



  1. Oh, Good Question, My Silly Muse!

    AHHHHHHHnold mano y mano! Politics, gotta go with Clint to MAKE MY DAY.


  2. Gotta go with Clint, too! He will out-shifty, out-slick, and out-smart Arnold! (Sorry to the Arnold fans!) But I love Arnold, too, especially when he got in touch with his feminine side in "Junior"!

  3. Neither... Charles Bronson wins hands down... watch the AMC classics of his this week for the proof.

  4. Hmm... adding Charles Bronson to the mix makes it interesting. I haven't seen the whole Death Wish marathon but I've seen one or two and remember he was quite the vigilante. Considering what happened to his daughter, I get his anger. Yeah...

    June, I thought you might sneak a vote in for Jackie Chan. Of course he wasn't on the list but if we are opening it up to the world... he might as well be in the ring too.

    My vote is still undecided. Wishy washy and lame, I know. Too bad we can't put them all on this season of Survivor. Jimmy Johnson is there. Why not them too?

    Thanks for the opinions! If anyone else wants to share, keep 'em coming! :-)

  5. Well, if it's free for all, then YES Jackie Chan!:-) Throw this cutie pie in the ring and he will win hands down against them all at once! I LOVE this man! It broke my heart to see him sob in "The Karate Kid" which I saw 3 TIMES at the theater! (Coming to DVD on October 5!)

  6. Loved Da Plane, Da Plane photo!

    Are you going for just vigilantes or hard asses?Don't forget Steven Seagal in "Hard To Kill". Cheesecake nowadays, beefcake back then!

  7. I have to chime in on this one of course. After my comments, you may think me an ASPIE as well.

    1) If you are talking Political since both have held public office. This is a complex question as well.

    At the start of the political office, I would say Clint. He had to do it the hard way getting elected.

    But if you are talking about at the point after they took office, I would have to say the Govenatror. Being a "Republican" in a Blue state, he was left of center where you have to be in California.In many cases he was at odds with his own party but he survived.

    2) If you are talking Mono e Mono. Hands down it would have to be Arnold.

    You take Rambo, Rocky Terminator combo he is a fighting machine.

    3) If you are talking about a Gun fight. I would have to go with Clint. You have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky. Go ahead Punk, Make my Day.

    Bronson would match up better with Clint. Seagal no bains just brawn.