Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos Added To Krejcha Family Adventure - Part 2

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post a quick note letting Aspierations blog visitors know that I just edited my last blog,  Krejcha Family Adventure - Part 2 - Summer Travels to include a couple dozen photos from our adventure.  Hope you enjoy them!  Let me know what you think!  I can't always tell if they can be viewed properly from different browsers.  If you click on the small photos, a larger one will open on your screen.  

I have many more pictures that I will be adding to Facebook this weekend and I will include a link here or in a separate blog within the next couple of days.  We don't have to be Facebook "Friends" for you to view the photos but if you'd like to send me a Friend Request, I'll be happy to add you.  Just let me know you're an Aspierations blog visitor so I'll have a heads-up, thanks!  

I hope to be blogging later tonight and this weekend with follow-up thoughts from our recent journey.  John is doing a day by day play of our events with lots of pictures, candid looks at traveling with spectrum kiddos and comments about our day!  Here are links to a couple of his days so far:  - California Part 1  - Day At Marine World - California part two.  This is a realistic look at a day at a theme park with our two boys on the autism spectrum. Lots of fun but challenges as well.  Overall, quite positive!

If you have any questions or if there is anything you'd like me to talk about, please feel free to post a note in the Comments section of the blog. 

It is supposed to be a VERY hot weekend here in Vancouver.  94, 96 and then 104 on Monday, the day we have a big business-related Marie Osmond dolls show we need to be completely prepared for. Our office always feels to me to be at least 20 degrees hotter.  Please keep our family in your thoughts for cool temperaments, warm loving dispositions and no hot messes!  (Heat tends to equal meltdown mania in this household but I have my Mommy Mediator hat on, a positive attitude, witty one-liners, unlimited hugs and a huge jug of ice water which I will keep by my side all weekend!)

I pounce on grouchy people!  :-)

Any weekend plans for you?  Let me know!  I enjoy hearing feedback and discourse from my Aspierations Blog friends!

Happiness, humor and hopefully no HOT flashes! (not quite at that age yet, thank goodness!)

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