Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inappropriate Laughter, Odd Humor & a HOT, HOT, HOT Day!

Have you ever had one of your children do something to you that was pretty annoying and socially inappropriate but you couldn't in good conscience really scold him or her too hard since YOU did the same thing when you were a child and found it hilarious as well?

I just went back into the back bedroom to slip into something cooler and more comfortable since our office is still 90+ degrees at 10:17 p.m..  I was in the process of changing and looking for a tiger camisole when Ryan ran into the room, yelled "HELLO, NICE MOMMY!", turned off the lights on me so it was pitch black and exited giggling, shutting the door behind him.  Of course I was on the other side of the bedroom at the time, so I had the privilege of stumbling over a pair of mismatched socks before I could get back to the light.  Once I had the light back on, Ryan entered the room again, spouted off a string full of memorized highway numbers and then proceeded to turn off the light again.  This time, I didn't trip, I just banged my elbow on the bedpost. HOORAY for hilarity! BRAVO for boisterous merriment!

I'm finding out more and more each day that our youngest son Ryan (4) has a really silly and obnoxious sense of humor. (I almost called it childish.... well, DUH!)

Justin (almost 11) also shares a broad dose of hilarious comedic moments but I don't remember his initiative being quite so pronounced at this age.  In any case, I suspect my genes are the culprit and although I definitely do try to teach socially appropriate behavior, I have noticed that the boys and I all have a tendency to inappropriately laugh too hard at things we perceive to be funny.  Sometimes it is nervous laughter, sometimes it is laughter we should have kept inside, sometimes it's genuinely appropriate, sometimes I don't know what it is!  Inappropriate or ill-timed laughter and crying is actually quite common for those on the autism spectrum. Whoever generalizes that people on the autism spectrum don't have a sense of humor has not met our family!  

We may have a different sort of humor but it is definitely present, quirky and when I see my children smiling and know I can make them laugh (appropriately!!!!), it brings me joy too.  My children have smiles that can light up a room!   :-)

It was really hot here in Vancouver, WA today.  My day consisted of working in our very hot office for about 12 hours doing website updates, email, auction listings and catch-up from the time we were away. I totally feel good about the amount of work I got done.  Justin even had a friend over to do programming and gaming.  

Boys doing their gaming is usually quite distracting since it often takes place in our office with lots of animation but this was a special friend Justin had not had over to the house in about 10 months and out of the blue yesterday, Justin wanted to call him to play hang out. (Sheesh, Karen, 10 and 11 year old boys do not PLAY, they hang out!  Justin is in 6th grade now. Update your coolness vernacular pronto!) 

Since this friend is one of only a couple who have been to our place, I place a high priority on fostering that social relationship, especially now that Justin will soon be attending middle school (6th, 7th, 8th) and will be taking part in the SCIP program where he will experience a lot of change.  Ryan adores this friend of Justin's and followed him around like a shadow.  I am happy to say that all the boys were very well behaved and as for me and my work, I put myself in a fairly decent zone where I could block most distracting noises.  It may have taken me longer to complete some of my work than it would have had the room been quiet, but it was worth it to see Justin have a positive afternoon with a peer.  

WHEW!  I need to take a break from this heat wave for awhile.  It's supposed to be even hotter on Sunday and then 104 on Monday. YIKES!  I did not order this heat!  Couldn't this spicy weather have happened when we were in California?  What I wouldn't give now for some snowballs! (This reminds me of a Frosty the Snowman joke but I'm afraid it's not socially appropriate.)

I'll be blogging reflections about our recent California journey in the near future. When it's hot, I don't like to restrict my writing to a specific topic or I'll easily get blocked.  That means my dear Aspierations blog visitors, you just don't know what you're going to get when you visit here next!  Kinda like a box of chocolates...  Hmmm.... I could go for that now too.  Alas, a moment on my lips, a lifetime on my hips!  (I have a big butt and I can not lie... Quick, anyone know the song reference? 100 points if you do!)

This is for you, Ry Ry!

Stay cool, Aspierations buddies!

If you're feeling conversive, let me know in the comments section your favorite ways to cool off!  I'll live vicariously through you!

A moment on my lips, a lifetime on my big butt hips! But oh SO YUMMY!

Letting My Light Shine (but with a nice cool mist overhead),

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