Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy August - A new month of blogging and High Aspierations

Happy August, Aspierations Friends!

Well, here we are on the 1st day of a new month.  What does it have in store for us?  I'm looking forward to making this month rather amazing.

Ryan and Justin have been talking all day today about playing miniature golf at Gram and Grandpa's.  It won't be long before we are there visiting for my Dad's 80th birthday.  

My Mom and Dad used to have a pool in their backyard but as they grew older it was more difficult to maintain. Since my Dad is an avid golf lover, he thought why not have a putting green / miniature golf course in the back instead?  It has been there since 2009 so this will be our second trip to Pebble Beach Pitsenbarger.

The photo above is from our visit a year ago.  With Ryan's stoic pose, the picture reminds me of an opening shot from the game show, "Family Feud".  Meet the Krejcha family!  Karen, Justin and Ryan!  All that is missing is John and of course, Richard Dawson!

I was looking at blogger today and noticed that I published 19 blog postings in July.  Since my 18th wedding anniversary was July 18th, I suppose I should have gone for 18 instead.  Well, on miniature golf courses, the 19th hole is usually considered the bonus hole where you can win a prize, so I guess all you Aspierations visitors got a bonus blog post for July.  Don't you feel lucky?  :-)

Hmm... being the numbers and patterns kinda gal I am, I just looked again at my blog postings on the side and noticed that this will be my 81st blog post of the year.  81st on 8/1 ---  Guess it's a good thing I had that bonus post in July after all!  Love it!  I find joy in patterns and symmetry and I'm not afraid to admit it, Aspierations friends! Just look at it as putting the chic back into geek!

EMBRACE YOUR I.Q. -- that is your Inner Quirkiness!  ;-)

Speaking of 18th anniversaries, a special couple to me out there in the blogosphere is celebrating their 18th anniversary today on 8/1.  Now it's not the same as 18 years on the 18th  but 18 years on 8/1 is pretty darn cool too being that the numbers are reversed.  So Happy Anniversary and best wishes to you!  (I'm sure that reading my blog isn't the epitome of romance for your day's celebration but I'll send my good thoughts and prayers out there in the universe anyway.  Thinking of you!)  To anyone else out there celebrating other special occasions today or in the near future, a very happy day to you too!  


STILL speaking of anniversaries, if you read my blog posting, Back to Reality - Anniversary, The Day After, you may remember that John and I never had a chance to go on our private evening date on July 18th because we weren't able to secure babysitting or respite care.  We did have a terrific time at the Autism Society of Washington picnic with Justin and Ryan during the day (see the great pictures here) but we were hoping for just a little adult only time in an atmosphere with more ambience than Ronald McDonald or the Burger King can bring. 

My parents offered to sit for us for a few hours one night while we're back in the Bay Area so we wanted to make sure to plan our raincheck date in advance.  The last couple of years we had Fondue at La Fondue in Saratoga which was delicious.  This year we wanted to try something different. At first I searched for a dinner theatre or murder mystery theatre production but didn't have any luck.  Dancing would have been great but the hours would be too late for my parents to sit.  We looked into Comedy Clubs since we've seen some funny shows at The Improv and Rooster T. Feathers in the past.  

Nothing this time looked interesting until we came across a website called ComedySportz and noticed they have a location in San Jose which isn't too far from where my parents live in Mountain View.  They do Interactive Improv comedy live and have shows that are family friendly for all ages.  Apparently their act-letes are divided into two teams and compete for audience laughs while a referee calls fouls and keeps the score.  It sounds a bit like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" with Drew Carey in that it involves audience participation.  

If any of my Aspierations visitors have been to one of these shows, I'd love to hear about it!  Please let me know in the comments section below.  They have locations throughout the country as well as in the UK and Germany.  In addition to San Jose, CA where we'll be attending, there is a location in Portland, OR where we might try taking the kids sometime if we like the comedy style.  

I'm doing my blog a little earlier today and need to leave for awhile to take care of some family stuff.  I'll go ahead and post this as-is and then if I feel like writing later, I'll create a new posting.

I'm looking forward to sharing my Aspierations in August and hope you will share yours with me too!

Come As You Are - Let Your Light Shine -- not just today but every day!


  1. Pitsenbarger? Are they any relation to that Air Force guy, also named Pitsenbarger, who got the posthumous Medal of Honor in Viet-Nam?

  2. Hi!
    My Dad also served in the Air Force. Although he told me he didn't personally know the Pitsenbarger who was honored, he and I suspect they are related somehow. My Dad grew up in Illinois but had relatives in Ohio which is where William Pitsenbarger was from.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)