Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feeling Pretty Jazzed & John's Birthday is Tomorrow!

Good evening, Aspierations Friends!

The other day I blogged with a request asking you how I could make this blog more appealing so we could all have a more positive experience here.

If you didn't see that blog, I still welcome your comments!

There is also a poll on the right side to check and see which of my previous blog writings you like the best.  I welcome you to participate if you haven't already.  You can vote for multiple answers and you can switch your answers later on if you want but your vote will only count once per person.

Well as some of you know, I got some very different kinds of responses in the "comments" section of my last blog.  I also got a number of emails (most of which were nice) and I am happy to say that I now have a growing list of blog topics you gals and guys have requested that I will be sharing about with you in the future. That makes me feel pretty jazzed!   :-)

Many of you touched my heart with your kind words.  Others touched my heart with your willingness to step outside your comfort zone and ask questions about tough topics or challenges you might be going through as a fellow traveler, friend, sibling, parent, teacher or caregiver to a child / teen / adult with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. (This includes autism, Asperger's, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified and incorporates a wide range of abilities and challenges.)  Aspierations blog readers are some very high quality people and no matter what your puzzle piece is shaped like, I look forward to continuing to get to know you better (when you're ready to share) and to also share about my journey (past, present and future) both already written and that which is still unwritten.

I will be answering your questions and blogging about many different topics over the upcoming weeks.  Feel free to keep the comments and topic requests coming.  I am willing to talk about almost anything.  Some topics may be better suited for email as I do try to keep this blog written so that tweens and teenagers could read it too and be comfortable and safe here.

My next blog will be in tribute to my husband John's birthday!  He turns 42 tomorrow, August 20th and he deserves a very special day.  Ryan is in his last day of Camp Kiddo, Justin will be going to a friend's house for a few hours so I will be taking John back to Portland Tub and Tan.  We went there for the first time about a month ago and it is DEFINITELY worth a repeat visit!

I have a funny blog I plan to do for John tomorrow.  He got a birthday card the other day from his dentist.  Okay, we all have been told it's the thought that counts, right?  Well, the thought John was reminded of was 2 recent root canals and a pulled tooth.  Nothing says Happy Birthday like being reminded of severe pain in your mouth and your wallet!  Thanks so much, Cascade Dental!  :-)

So my thought just for fun was to create a list of the top places John would NOT want to get a birthday card from.  Then I thought about it in general and thought it would be potentially funny to share with all of you so I'll be doing that as part of my blog tomorrow providing I have time to fit that in.  Can you think of your own ideas?  Justin, Ryan and I are also taking John out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner since John LOVES steak and they also have a kid's menu that the kiddos can hopefully find something on to appease their palates!  Oh I'll be praying about this one tonight!

We may also take a day trip on Saturday to Seattle or some other place in Washington we haven't been since we moved.  I just want to make his birthday weekend special for him because he has been very special in my life.  His birthday always brings about a lot of mixed emotions for him due to some uncomfortable stuff in his family.  I'll let him talk about that though if he wants to share.  Tomorrow is all about John -- the world's biggest hippo lover.  (Why Hippos?  Alas... one of life's great mysteries he'll just have to one day share.  I can tell you one thing.  It isn't because they like to swim around all day with their dung floating by.  YUCK!  Hippos are pretty awesome but seriously.... YUCK!)

Thanks again, Aspierations Friends!!

Look forward to checking in with you later and remember, I will be answering your questions very shortly.  I will start some of them this weekend that I didn't already answer in email and more next week.

Hugs, happiness and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in 30 minutes to an amazing husband, father, friend and blogging buddy. I'm sure he appreciates me blasting it all over twitter, Facebook and my blog.  Hey!  If my husband has stuck by me this long (18 years plus a bonus 14 month engagement), he deserves big praise and accolades of thanks!  Here is to your special day!  LOVE YOU!  But did not love you spoiling my cake surprise... especially when you told me you did it on purpose because you were curious and you thought it would be cute.  Seriously!

I'll share that story with you blog visitors in the near future... 

Letting the Aspierations Blog light shine,

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