Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aspierations Blog Poll - Your Input Encouraged!

Thanks for stopping by today to check out the Aspierations blog!

I'm interested in learning more about you guys and gals who visit here and what kind of writings you like to read about most?

Do you like the serious stuff?  The humor?  Personal reflections?  Anecdotes about our family's travel along the autism spectrum?  Do you mind if I go into the deep, dark and painful?  Do you like blogs with pictures or graphics or do you prefer them without?

Would you like in the future to see articles relating to specific Asperger's Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder related topics?  If so, what would like me to write about?  Would you like links to resources?  Opinion articles?  

I'm willing to pretty much write about it all.  I was thinking of some sort of weekly or monthly column in the blog where you could ask whatever questions you'd like about me or my life as Mom to two kiddos on the autism spectrum. 

I don't know what the demand would be for something like that.  I realize there are a lot of blogs and resources of information out there and that mine is just one tiny puzzle piece in the great spectrum puzzle.

In my poll on the right side, I list a number of blog posts I have made that you might find interesting.  They can all be found through search or in the links on the right side.

I suppose that I need to try innovative and time-tested ways to promote my blog if I'm really going to have it take off.  I have all these BIG ideas for what I'd like to see an Aspierations website (not just the blog) develop into but I don't want to re-invent the wheel and although I'm not afraid of failing, I'd like to give myself the best possible opportunity for success as possible.

This is where you come in.  Whether you're here for the first time, a long time lurker, an occasional visitor or you just like checking up on me, I'd really appreciate the opportunity to get your opinions and feedback.

When I put up the poll, it was set up as multiple choice so you could pick as many answers as you like.  The voting is anonymous.  

If you have the time and the inclination, I'd appreciate a couple sentences in the comments section too.  I asked a lot of questions, I know but your input is valuable.  I really want to make this place better.  I want to make a difference in this world and I think that Aspierations (as a concept and as a website built from this blog) can turn into something amazing, awesome, inspirational and motivational.  In order to do something like this though, I want to understand my audience.

Why do you come here?  If you have been here more than once, why did you come back?  I don't want to make false assumptions and I respect your privacy so if you prefer emailing me anonymously, you can do so at lettingyourlightshine@gmail.com.  

Thanks in advance for anything you'd like to share.  Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged!

Here is to a day filled with happiness, humor and hope for the future!

Let's make Aspierations awesome!


  1. 1. Why are ASSpergers people so full of yourselves? Maybe this is why your not having luck making any friends.

    2. Stop putting your pictures in your blogs. Social cue for you. Your ugly. Your chubby. Your husband cheats on you.

    3. People come back to your blog to make fun of you and see what crybaby thing you will say next. You wanted constructive criticism.

    4. The only reality show you'd get on is Biggest Looser. Loose some weight.

    5. My favorite blog was your rape story and how you lost your boyfriend and screwed up your life. More like this please.

    Lights OUT for your blog.

  2. Hello.
    I bet you're surprised I'm letting your post stand this time. We could play the post, delete, repost, delete game but what purpose would that serve?

    So, I've thought about it and have decided to respond to some of your comments.

    The fact that you have come to my blog multiple times and have gone so far as to read some of my earlier painful posts and then insult me makes me wonder your age. I used to be made fun of when I was a kid and a teen. Usually the bullying came from those that were my age or just a little older.

    Sometimes when one is bullied, he/she wants to strike back and maybe hurt someone weaker than they are. It's easy online to attack someone.

    You know, I would like to lose some weight. It has been a battle I have fought ever since I was 5. But I'd like to do it for me and my health and so I can be a better mother to my children, not for your approval.

    I am sorry that you think I come across as full of myself. I appreciate your sharing that perception. I certainly do not intend to be that way. If you have some examples of what bothered you so I can understand your point of view better, I'd be happy to address your concerns if they are respectful.

    Please do not make fun of my rape or the loss of my previous relationship. I know it may seem like an easy target but it is something very painful to me that I live with every day. I am sure you would not want the females in your life (mother, sister, aunt, friend) to experience that kind of trauma, pain and loss.

    Regarding the pictures, I do that mainly to give me and others a visual to remember an event or feeling.

    Finally, please try to show respect for those on the autism spectrum, wherever they might fall. It sounds like you have had an uncomfortable experience in the past or perhaps you struggle reconciling your feelings about people who are different than you. We're all human beings.

    Letting My Light Shine - ON

  3. I will add one more comment to what Karen has just said. Please have respect for the people who come here to learn more about children and adults with Asperger's. I am a teacher and find this site very helpful in learning more about the students in my classes with Autism, so I can better meet their needs. Karen writes with such honesty, humor, and integrity. Would that all of us approached OUR lives in this manner. The world would certainly be a much better place.

  4. I also admire Karen's openness and I enjoy reading about the tales of her life as she finds her way. We've all got challenges to face as we make our way through this life. I like all of her blogs and I'd never anonymously insult her or anyone... remember karma, it's a bitch.

  5. I am proud of you Karen and do not let this person take anything away from you!

    Take the high road and let your light shine!

    I Learn so much about you and I come closer to you. I Love you so much!

  6. Thank you so much June and Anonymous #2. I am so touched that you took the time to not only read my blog multiple times but that you cared enough to respond here with your support.

    Honestly, I am on an emotional rollercoaster today so this will be my blogging. I was trying not to let it get to me. Some of the stuff I'm dealing with right now (much of which I have not blogged about extensively and much of which I cannot do in a non-anonymous setting) is pretty emotional and although I try to stay positive, hopeful and true to myself so I can be there for my family, some days in this world I just feel like I've lost my way and there is no map, road signs or GPS that will help direct me back. It's like I don't belong and I'm tired of holding certain secrets in...

    But as Anonymous #2 said so truly, we've all got challenges to face as we make our way through this life. Nicely put. I like you. :-)

    And June... well, I am very humbled that you would find my writings insightful and helpful in helping you in your daily dealings with students you work with that are on the autism spectrum. The world needs more teachers like you! :-) I don't think I ever blogged about this but at one point, I transferred colleges and had a passion to become an elementary school teacher and/or work with kiddos with special needs. I loved the classes and kids inspired me. Life changes happened so I never did teach other than coaching some kids bowling but I think what I learned helped prepare me better for being a Mom to Justin and Ryan.

    Well, I wanted to thank you both again for sticking up for me. I'm so not used to it that amazingly I find it difficult to process but it's a good feeling for sure.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog and being there for me today. You made a bigger difference than I can put into words (and we all know I'm wordy!)

    Hugs and happiness -- may your lives be richly blessed with love, passion, laughter, life-time learning, compassion and pursuing the things in life which bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. :-)

  7. Hey John,
    I totally didn't mean to leave you out. I was writing my response while you must have snuck in your post. Thank you for putting up with how emotional I've been today and yesterday. I know I didn't work as hard or get as much accomplished for the business that I wanted and I appreciate your understanding of course.

    Mask on, mask off, mask on, mask off....
    Tomorrow is a new day!

  8. Can you share how or when you share the news of your diagnosis and your sons' diagnosis with other people? Can you please write more about your experience with being adopted? How old were you when you found out? Are there other people in your ancestry who have Autism?

  9. Sorry this is a PS. Do you ever find that when you tell people about your diagnosis or that of your sons that they are in denial or do not believe you because they think you look normal? If so how do you deal with this? How do you get family to take you seriously? Have you ever been shunned or the opposite too over-coddled?

  10. Hey guy at the top of the comments section. You had a really classy and beautiful lady respond to you with respect when you didn't earn it. I wanted to rip you a new one for trying to disparage someone who has the courage to share of herself and leave herself vulnerable. Reading Karen's response stopped me from becoming a bully back.

    Karen, I read your blog almost daily and LOL at your wit, feisty attitude and your red hair and your million watt smile. (Sorry Karen's husband but your wife is mesmerizing and it isn't just her looks. Lucky dude.)

    Write more about your growing up years and life story. What were you like as a kid, teen, young adult? How does that compare to now?

  11. Hiya! I like boys but not too good with them. Girls make fun of me because I'm different and boys and girls tease me or pretend to be my friend and then laugh at me. I also have aspergers. Does it get better or is it always so hard. I am in high school and I want to fit in so bad. I want to have a husband someday too and lots of kids. Will they be autistic like me. Its okay if they are. How do I meet nice boys?

    If your like me you cried about the bully. I hope he doesn't come back but if he does he will see your a good person.


  12. Wow, more comments! Hooray! Thanks Aspierations Friends! :-)

    @ anonymous #3 & #4: Great topic requests, thanks so much for your input! I have written them down and definitely will write about them in a future blog because I have a lot to say on the issues you asked about. Tough questions but I am up to the challenge!

    @ Come To My Jupiter: Thanks for your kind and flattering if not a bit embarrassing praise. I'm not quite sure I get the mesmerizing part but I take it as a compliment! I do want to talk more about what it was like growing up on the spectrum and with Sensory Processing Disorder undiagnosed. I have the benefit of hindsight now but I think I can do a pretty good job speaking to how I felt during my younger years as well.

    @ Kacie: I am SO glad you came to my blog and I definitely want to answer your questions on my blog in the very near future. Regarding meeting nice boys, one way is to find a hobby, activity, club or sport that is coed and of big interest to you and then just be yourself and naturally let interaction start to take place. It's much easier meeting and talking with boys when you share something in common. Try not to force it. I actually had a very unconventional way of meeting both my first love and my husband, however in making boy friends (male friends - platonic), I did so more easily through activities comfortable to me. In my case in school it was through bowling and acting (school plays) and writing (school journalism). I will be happy to write more about this in a separate blog.

    I am not qualified to say whether if you have children that they will be somewhere on the autism spectrum. Based on my experience only, I do see genetic link trends within families but by no means does that say what would happen in your own life. Loving your children unconditionally, accepting them and encouraging their dreams, wellness and happiness are some of the best gifts you can ever give as a Mom.

    If you (or anyone else) ever has any questions for me personally that you don't feel comfortable asking through comments, feel free to email me at lettingmylightshine@gmail.com.

    By the way, Kacie, I did cry about the bully. That's okay. But I also cried for the bully because it occurred to me that he/she might be a fellow spectrum traveler too or related to one and may have just possibly lost his/her way. Of course I could be wrong and the person was just being deliberately mean but in any case, I would rather pray and try to give kindness to those who seek to hurt me than to back down and let myself be a victim.

    Let your light shine, everyone!
    This blog will stay with its lights on and bright!