Sunday, August 15, 2010

Afternoon Aspierations Blog Break

Here I am writing an Aspierations blog in the middle of the day, imagine that! 

Hi everyone! (And by everyone I mean you... my faithful returning visitors and of course any newbies who happen to accidentally stumble their way in, not realizing what they are getting themselves into.)  Yes, indeed, reading the Aspierations blog can be addicting, folks!  I know this because I read it every day and still continue to come back wondering what the heck I'll say next.

I'm in a bit of an odd mood right now.  I am alone in the house. John took our sons Justin and Ryan out to get haircuts.  Please, please, please, may the hairstylist (or I guess that would be barber for boys, right?) not go hog wild and cut off too much hair or give a dreaded bowl cut.  

I would have tagged along to share my opinion but since there is still much work to be done and our business is preparing for Marie Osmond's last two doll shows on QVC this year (which hopefully means a boom in business for Count Your Beans since we're a key authorized retailer), John left me to the techy, marketing, salesy stuff in the hope that the quiet would allow me to power work my way to success.

The problem is, it is so darn HOT in this office, well over 90 degrees that I'm having trouble focusing.  Air conditioning doesn't seem to do anything in this upstairs room so I have 3 fans blowing and a huge jug of ice water next to me.  I'm thinking of taking a cold shower. (I'm sure someone out there will find odd and inappropriate amusement in that!)

So anyway, here I am blogging to you guys because I need a little break.  It has been kind of quiet at Aspierations lately.  I've been blogging the past few days since I've returned home but haven't gotten many comments or feedback.  Of course that could mean that people are on vacation and it could also mean that people don't find my ramblings all that entertaining.  I'll stick with the former.  :-)  (Hey, if you got this far, you're either a glutton for punishment or there has to be something oddly appealing about me, right?)

In case you feel like saying hi, asking questions or chatting it up, you can always feel free to leave a note in the comments section (anonymous is fine) or drop me an email at  You can also check me out on Facebook but truth be told, this whole social networking thing often leaves me feeling quite mixed and confused.  A couple of the people I'd like to talk to most in this world want nothing to do with me and yet I keep putting myself out there being vulnerable, leaving the door open, hoping one day I'll hear a soft knock.  

Well, I'm not going to go off on that tangent now.  No pity parties although I could use a nice strong hug! (And a back rub and a strong hug and a shoulder massage and probably a lot of other things too!!!)

The first doll show I am preparing for takes place at 1 a.m. EST / 10 p.m. PST tonight and the second one is at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST on Monday.  The vast majority of our customers outside of California are all on the East Coast and yes, I'm SURE oodles of people will be staying up at 1 a.m. to make purchases.  If they do though, we hope they will of course come to us!  After all, we do have 100% positive feedback at eBay with tens of thousands of happy customers, we give Free Shipping on orders over $75, we meet or beat TV shopping prices, we provide awesome service with a smile and we donate a portion of all profits to charities which support children!  Plus, we have a great Bonus Beans rewards program, friendly and fast turn-around AND we strive to provide 5 star service and 100% customer satisfaction.  

Oh my goodness, I'm doing another ad for Count Your Beans Dolls & Bears and the Count Your Beans blog right here in my Aspierations blog.  What can I say?  Thanks for sitting through my blogomerical!

Well, the boys just got back from their haircuts.  They look adorable of course.  Ryan's hair is way shorter than I'm used to but he's happy with it and if he's a cool cat, then I'm a cool cat!

Guess my break is over and it's time to get back to CYB stuff and by the conflicting zoo mania sounds now going on in this office, it's Mom Mediation Time as well!  BONUS!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to blog later tonight.   If not, I'll do my best to catch up with you tomorrow!  :-)

I appreciate your support and hope to hear from you in the near future!

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