Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip to the OMSI Museum to pick Einstein's Brain & Other Things as Well!

Happy Saturday, Aspierations Friends!

It has been awhile since some of you have been here and others are visiting for the first time.  Welcome back and welcome to my blog!

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After reading my blog, I also invite you to check out and follow another blog, Life and Times of John Krejcha.  My Aspierations blog postings often talk about a particular topic or theme.  John's postings give more of a feel for daily life being a parent of two children on the autism spectrum and the neurotypical (for whatever that's worth) husband to a female Aspie. John's recent blog gave a good summary of our family's week.  It was a tough one but there were definitely high points and as we strive to do, we embraced the challenge!

On Thursday, I was concerned that occasional postings in my blog might be misunderstood or unclear so I talked about communication in my blog posting "The Written Word - So Many Ways To Interpret - Come As You Are, Let Your Light Shine"

If you have ever wondered what I interpret "Come As You Are" and "Let Your Light Shine" to mean in relation to my blog, I try to explain this in more depth in that post.

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What I didn't tell you the other day was that on Thursday, our family also took a field trip during the day to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland, OR.  We had been there before but it hadn't been for a couple of years.  This time there was a new Einstein exhibit that the boys and I found to be fascinating.  What scientific intellect this man had!  "Einstein, The World Through His Eyes" is a featured exhibit at OMSI from June 26th through September 26th, 2010.  If you're in the Portland, OR area this summer or early fall, OMSI is a very interesting, fun and educational place to take the family and we highly recommend it.

It has been rumored that Albert Einstein may have had Asperger's Syndrome or may have been on the autism spectrum.  Since Justin, Ryan and I are all on the spectrum ourselves, I find research into this man's life, both personally and professionally to be very intriguing.  I've also always had an interest in observations of time and time travel.

Of course back in Einstein's day, there would have been no diagnosis for Aspergers so I suppose there is no way of really knowing.  At the very least, one could say he was quirky, eccentric and marched to the beat of his own drum but with a guy that smart, what do you expect?

My favorite fun trivia fact that I learned was not in relation to his amazing observations about the nature of time and space, E=MC2 and the world around him but the fact that he had a cat named Tiger.  Being a huge tiger lover myself, I just had to appreciate that!

Justin and I pick Einstein's brain

John preferred the opportunity to pick Einstein's nose...

Snot funny guys... seriously!

We actually took a bunch of photos at OMSI and some of them turned out really good.  If you'd like to see them and read some of the captions, I hope the following link will work for you:

It is a Facebook link but I don't think we have to be official Facebook friends for you to view this particular album.  If for some reason you can't view it, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section or send me a Friend Request Invite saying that you're an Aspierations Blog reader and I'll be happy to accept your invitation.  :-)

I'd like to tell you more about the trip itself in a later blog because it was quite interesting watching the boys and observing their fascination with science, numbers, water play and the game, "Tasty Planet".

If any of you out there have been to OMSI, what was your opinion? What did you and your kids (if applicable) like the best?  



  1. You can pick your wife.
    You can Pick your nose.
    But you can not pick your wife's nose
    I can pick Einstein's Nose.

    Socially correct? No, but it was a great day!

    Live Life have fun on the road less traveled.

  2. Hilarious!

    I am however delighted to hear that you will not be picking my nose anytime in the near future. That would be snot funny at all.

    Ryan actually asked if he could pick my nose the other day. We were sitting on the couch while he shared that gem. I asked him why he would want to do that? He answered, "you have a nice nose, Mommy. It would be fun to pick." Sigh...