Friday, July 2, 2010

Tales from Camp Kiddo & Camp Meriwether - Friday Recap

Hello again!

Did you miss me?  I debated not blogging tonight because I'm running on fumes but as long as there is still a little left in the tank, I figured I might as well say hello!

Thanks so much to those who commented on my blog from yesterday, Happy July from Camp Krejcha and Ryan's Random Photo Choices. I was feeling really lonely today and was happy to see you gals and guys posting.  Incidentally, you lurkers who have been thinking about commenting but haven't, I totally don't care if it's anonymous because I respect that you have your own lives and may for whatever reason feel uncomfortable disclosing your identity here. If we're going to do it in code though, let me know so I can find a magic decoder ring from my box of Cocoa Puffs.  Sorry, the Froot Loops were recently recalled!  :-)

I just enjoy hearing feedback from time to time since I don't often get that interaction in my daily life other than ebay / work feedback. I'm glad to hear the photos Ryan picked out were enjoyed. He wanted to include 54 photos (his favorite number) but I thought that a bit much. Maybe I'll have him do more random photo choosing in the future.

Speaking of photos, check out this great picture from Camp Meriwether!  Boys will be boys!!
Justin is standing in the second row on the far right.  If you click the picture (or any of our other pictures, generally speaking), they enlarge and you can get a better view.  The boys look like they're having a great time!  

I am glad Justin wasn't the one buried.  I'm sure sensory-wise he'd like the pressure of the sand since he adores his weighted blankets but afterwards, getting the sand out of various orifices at camp would have been quite the challenge. Speaking of which, I have a great mud bath story from 2002... Well, maybe not!  Need to keep this blog SFW!

Tangent Alert.... Looking up at the photo above made me think about boys and scouting and how happy I am to be the Mom to my little men.  When I first pictured having boys, I thought a lot about playing sports with them... bowling, tennis, golf, baseball... things I enjoyed growing up.  Now I enjoy just as much hanging out with the boys on the Wii, playing wall ball, lining up cars, playing Eyeball, bubbles, chase, watching Justin engaged with computer programming and video game design and just joining them in their world wherever they are at that point in time.  

Ryan came home from the last day of preschool with a gold medal from Special Olympics around his neck. (They had a demonstration at the school and all the kids got to participate in the event.) Although I have high hopes and aspierations for my boys and would never want them to sell themselves short and not try something they wanted to reach for, I realize that my boys may never be pro bowlers, baseball, tennis or football players but it doesn't matter because I will help them engage in sports and exercise, teaching to be active and be well while pursuing whatever other dreams they have.

John and I have pondered many times over the past couple years whether we wanted to stop our family at two boys or whether we would keep going and see if we could add a girl to Team Krejcha.  My instinct is that I was meant to give birth to boys and that we would probably end up fielding an entire boy's baseball team before a girl would show up.  (She'd be the team owner and get those boys into line!)

Although I think it would have been an amazing blessing to have added a girl to our family, raise a daughter and have someone to pass on all our dolls and bears inventory to (kidding... so ironic since I was such a tomboy growing up), I kind of feel like we would have had to add 2 girls so our family would be symmetrical.  Twins do run in our family!

Anyway, at this point in my life, I'm happy with our family of four and the boys certainly keep me on my toes.  I feel my life is very enriched because they are in it and our days and evenings are pretty filled!

End of tangent and self-reflection....

Ryan finished off his first week of Camp Kiddo today in flying colors.  I wasn't sure how he would do today because the day started out rather crummy.  It was pouring rain.  (I love the rain but hate driving in it.)  Additionally, Ryan had a rough night.  He was up about 4 times and finally at about 5:30 a.m. I had him crawl in bed with me.  I think we were both not impressed when the alarm clock went off at 8:00 a.m.  

Ryan has a new phrase that he learned at Camp Kiddo yesterday.  NANA NANA BOO BOO!  I don't remember this phrase as a child.  Anyone know where and when it originated?  I heard it a few times before from a fellow Cub Scout of Justin's when he was in 4th grade.  It annoyed me then too.

I guess it means something similar to "ha ha, you can't catch me" or "ha ha neener neener" or "Naah Naah Nee Naah Naah".  Apparently one of the older children was saying it to another kid on the playground.  Counselor Ms. Emily tried to discourage it but not before Ryan picked up on the perceived hilarity of the whole thing and ran around the rest of the morning smiling, whispering, and occasionally shouting NANA NANA BOO BOO at random times. I guess when you smile and say it softly, it's more charming than alarming.

I got to hear it all the way home in the car. Sometimes it was rather loud, sometimes very softly and when he shared it with me yet again as we walked in the door and I picked him up for a hug, he laughed, giggled, pointed (you can guess where) and said, "Mommy, NANA NANA BOOBIES."  Nice add-on there, Ry!  Quite the comedian!  Last Comic Standing will soon be calling to film an episode from our home.  (Actually they could use an Aspie comic.  Perhaps I'll try out next season.  What do you think?)

After hearing his proud proclamation (and knowing he was reading my face for a reaction), I tried to keep my face as still as possible in a "that is totally inappropriate kind of scowl" but we can all guess how that worked out.  Nana Nana BOOBIES subsequently became the random catch phrase for the rest of the day despite my futile attempts at redirection.  

I was of course petrified he'd start chanting THAT at Camp Kiddo today or another random favorite that cracks him up, "JACKASS".  (The latter came from a Tom & Jerry cartoon he was watching on the DVD player in our car.  There were no spoken words in the cartoon, just music and that particular word on a donkey crossing the screen.  Ryan could read it and was tickled pink at the funny funny word!  Hooray for the reading, not so much for the content.  Of course I have to admit, it is rather hilarious in a socially inappropriate Aspie kinda way!)

On the drive into Camp Kiddo, we talked about rain and fireworks and Justin and John coming home soon to keep him distracted from his new catch phrase.  I didn't get any odder looks from the counselors than normal when I picked him up.  Additionally, I was told he really did well so I guess he kept his gems and jewels to himself today!  No Thinking Chair for Ryan.  (If you have time and want to read a funny post about Ryan, Tales from the Thinking Chair is a classic from April 28th.)  

In addition to the kudos he received for terrific behavior, I was also told Ryan did amazing during lunch and that he ate a whole serving of broccoli!  If I hadn't given birth to him myself, I would have had to run a DNA test when I heard that. Broccoli?  A child of mine?  Eating something that looks somewhat like a tree?  All kidding aside, I'm very pleased that the boys like vegetables (they also eat corn and cauliflower) and are getting in some healthy foods.  I guess they had to get some genes from John!  I do totally want them to be as well as can be even if our palates are different.

John and Justin had a very rainy day today at Camp Scaryweather.  That being said, Justin finished off the week by completing 3 merit badges and earning his Tenderfoot.  I am SO PROUD of my big boy!  He apparently chose two of the harder ones, Orienteering (the next oldest kid in the class was about 15) and Oceanography in addition to Soil and Water Conservation.

Tomorrow morning they head home and I will sure be happy to have all my boys together under one roof again!  (Of course, I'm sure I'll be even happier after they shower first!  Apparently hygeine at camp isn't a super duper top priority.)  I know John and Justin will have plenty of adventures to share and I'll let John take over on that at Life and Times of John Krejcha.

I have some other topics I'll be talking about soon.  I've done a lot of reflecting and soul searching the past week.

If you have any questions for me or if there is ever anything you'd like me to talk about, just leave me a note in the comments section.  I'm up for the challenge!

Hope you have a very Happy 4th of July weekend and as you watch and hear the fireworks display, give yourself a chance to Let Your Light Shine too.

Life is too short to be spent living status quo and stuck in a rut being unhappy with where you're at.  Take a risk.  Follow a dream.  Pursue happiness. Don't let the naysayers (even if they are ones that are supposed to be closest to you) hold you back from what you feel may be a calling, a special friendship or an opportunity to broaden your horizons.  Take your challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.  It's not easy but I'll be on the road less traveled right there with you.  If you have a GPS, just let me know as I often get lost along the way!

Be well, Aspierations visitors and I will work on doing the same!
Feel free to say hi... I don't bite! (Too hard...)



  1. Nana Nana Boobies - FUNNY! Won't let my son hear this one!

  2. Such a cute post. Yes be careful what you wish for. I wanted a second baby, and maybe a third, and of course a girl. Since number one is a boy. But really hated being pregnant. So God decided to lump them all in there at once and give me B/G twins.
    PS your site is adorable!
    come by and visit anytime

  3. Thanks so much for the comments and for stopping by! :-)

    Andrea, I'm heading to bed now but will definitely check out your site on Monday! I'm looking forward to it!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!