Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mini Date #2 -- Feel The Rain On Your Skin...

It's a great evening, Aspierations Friends!

Hope your day, afternoon or evening is going well too.  I wanted to send a special shout of thanks out to the great people who commented on my last post, Date Night During The Day with Steve Carell and Tina Fey.  I'm trying to improve the look of my blog and make it more user-friendly and your feedback is very helpful.

So, if you read my blog yesterday, you'll know that my 18th wedding anniversary is coming up on Sunday, July 18th.  18 on the 18th...  love it!

Anyway, we're not currently in a position to make a huge getaway so what we're doing yesterday, today and tomorrow is taking mini-dates around the Vancouver / Portland area while the boys are in day camp.

If you follow my blogging, you know my kids mean the world to me but sometimes, it's nice to have them away for a few hours (so they can recharge of course).  Recently, most of our "dates" have been with the kids.

In our house, we try regularly to do Family Friday Night dates.  That being said, it's kind of hard to feel sexy at Old Spaghetti Factory when noodles are randomly flung across the table, water is getting spilled down your shirt and your youngest is blowing bubbles into his milk.  Oooh, la, la, what a mood setter!

SO... admittedly, I felt a bit FREE and happy today when John and I decided that our date was going to be at a place in Portland called Portland Tan & Tub.

Incidentally, if you are ever in the Bay Area of California and you and your loved one need a romantic pick-up, you must, MUST check out Watercourse Way in Palo Alto. It is AWESOME.  Trust me...  Just check out the link.  But don't take my room there... because although in theory I know that it is probably not held just for me and my husband once a year when we come back to Cali, I would like to think that it is!  (Okay, you're my Aspierations friends after all... so ask for Room 9.  Shhh.... Keep it a secret, okay?)

John and I had never been to Portland Tan & Tub but had checked it out online and thought it  definitely had mini-date promise.  (NOT the tanning part!  Goodness, knows I could use some color other than white but hey... I'm destined to be a polar bear.   I've learned to embrace my snowy white skin and when I want a tan, I just mix a few freckles together...)

So anyway, John and I drive down to the place and the first thing I notice is that it is on Stark Street, which just happens to be the street where all the murders, prostitution and crime happen in a book series I like to read about a sharp, witty & funny female bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum.  Really? My "romantic" experience is going to start out on a street where I can think of a reference to murder and mayhem?  Sheesh!  I get enough of that at night in my murder mystery and crime drama viewing before I go to bed.

But hey, it's pretty funny so I figured, why not laugh about it.  We went inside and were met by a very helpful employee who showed us the different hot tub rooms.  They have indoor and outdoor fresh air rooms but because it was around 12:30 p.m. and because they were doing construction on a couple of the outdoor rooms in the back, we decided on a room called "The Disco Room".  (Disco, Disco Duck...  Disco, Disco Duck!)

Yes, I'm QUACKERS.. just had to throw that in there.  I am so NOT a disco queen but I DID dress up in a satin jacket and satin pants one year in the 70s to go trick-or-treating as one of those cute chicks in "Grease".  I will spare myself eternal embarrassment and not find the photo.)

Anyway (tangent over), at first I thought the Disco Room might be a little cheesy but then again, I like cheese and sometimes you need a little of that in your life anyway to keep things fun!

Here are some photos!

It's a very fun and cool room. They have a rain shower that you can turn on above the tub while you're in it or a mist if you prefer.  There is a waterfall along the side.  There are strobe lights and different kind of lights just about everywhere. Sensory city!  There are a couple disco balls.  There's a separate place inside the room with a dual shower. When you're in there, it seems totally like night and there is cool air coming in by the tub and above and so much mist and rainfall that you're never too hot.

Although you can go with the disco colors, there were others as well, even in the hot tub itself. I loved the cool purples and blues and twinkling star type of lights. There is a relaxing bench, a dual shower, about 100 music station choices and a place where you can plug in your I-Pod if you bring it.  Sets the mood!

There is also a big screen Plasma TV which fortunately did not get turned to the news while I was there... Could you imagine?!?!  If it had been, I think Stark Street would have had a new crime committed there from one hot redhead!

Next time we're bringing a playlist... "Drops of Jupiter" is perfect for that room with the rain coming down and so is "Unwritten".  It's like the room was meant to be for us today.  Just what the doctor ordered. Absolutely Awesome!

So if you're in the Portland area, it's room #16 but if you happen to go the same day we do, we have dibs, okay?

Since my blog is intended for all ages, I won't go into much more detail (because I'm sure you don't want to hear it) except to say if you need a romantic pick-me-up, this kind of place and Watercourse Way (Room 9...shhhh) are clean, romantic, sensual and wonderful places for escaping.

Hmmm..  Apparently my husband John at Life and Times of John Krejcha is also now writing a blog about the day.  Check his out too as he tends to have quite a bit to say.  I haven't seen it yet as we're simultaneously blogging but I'll be interested to read what he writes too... Maybe we'll tune into each other's thinking!

So I will end this romantic date by telling a funny story at the end.

The other day we were watching the "Criminal Minds" DVD season one in bed... because nothing sets the mood like a good serial killing. (I'd like to catch the cereal killer who recalled Froot Loops!) We finished off the first season and the cliff-hanger was a two parter.  We realized that we didn't have the second season and so we were understandably a little irked.  We both thought we had it somewhere but we did not.

So anyway, being a bit impatient and wanting to see the next episode, I went to Amazon and ordered the next season for John.  I debated giving it to him right away but then thought, nothing says love and romance on your 18th wedding anniversary like giving your loved one a series about Criminal Minds and serial killers.

So today when we got back from our Hot Tubbing experience, there were multiple packages from Amazon on our doorstep.  They looked the same size.  John got a quizzical look on his face and remarked that I got a package.  Could it be possible that my husband ALSO thought the secret to keeping marriage and romance alive on an anniversary was going inside the minds of the world's most dangerous criminals?  Seduce and spoil me with serial killers?

I think you know the answer to that question, Aspierations Friends...

We now have two sets of Season Two Criminal Minds in our home.  I think we will also be eyeing each other just a tad suspiciously as well.  I mean what kind of person buys that as a GIFT for someone's anniversary?

I guess it's someone who knows what the other enjoys watching and although it may not seem romantic, it's something we can cuddle and snuggle to, and that, my faithful readers is a way to keep the romance alive!

Seriously though... that better not be all he got for me. (HINT HINT!)

Here is to a wonderful day ahead... a fabulous Friday for my Aspierations Friends!

Come As You Are... Let Your Light Shine!


  1. Wow! What a color feast!! Love it! The perfect place for a date night with husband!


  2. We need a place like this here. Talk about letting your light shine. I'm having much amusement reading your bloggings and still like the serious ones also so still do those too when the mood hits you. I am sorry you could not make it to the ASA conference. If you talk as funny as you write you could do stand-up. You talked about public speaking. Are you planning any talks soon?

  3. LMAO at your Criminal Minds story. HILARIOUS, MATE! We're not quite yet that ROMANTIC in our family as you guys are but if my husband got that for me for my anniversary, I might have to Bobbit his Hobbit.


  4. Hello everyone!
    @June - Yes, it was a color feast! You could play around with colors and patterns. Fun!

    @Anonymous - Not sure where you live but I think a franchise like this place or Watercourse Way would be a hit in a lot of locations! Thanks for your compliments. I do not have any public speaking engagements planned at this time but would certainly enjoy the chance to do this, perhaps even turning it into a side opportunity sometime in 2011.

    @Lillian / Lianne - Glad you liked the anecdote. My husband is relieved that you two are not married instead.