Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Had Its Ups and Downs - Raincheck for Tomorrow?

Happy Weekend, Aspierations Visitors and Returning Friends,

This evening since about 8:00 p.m., I've been working on updating the website for our Dolls & Bears business, Count Your Beans.  Our main vendor we work with just did a late afternoon release of all of their August show releases and when this kind of information hits the presses, we try to turn it around as quickly as possible for our customers and collecting friends so that we have the chance to take pre-orders and get a feel for what sales might look like for the upcoming show.  I just looked at the clock and noticed it was 11:53 p.m. and realized I was really going to be pressing my luck if I was going to get a blog posted here in time!

So as much as I'd like to blog here and tell you details about my day in depth and Mini-Date #3, I'm cutting it close and I still need to finish up on work.  I should have more time on Saturday so I promise to share with you guys and gals then some anecdotes about the day.  I'll have some funny pictures too!  Wanna see?

In a nutshell, John and I had a really fun lunch date where we were goofy and covert (the two aren't mutually exclusive).  Then we drove to Camp Kiddo and Camp Evergreen to watch our two shining stars, Just & Ry perform onstage in their camp skits.  They saved their drama for their Mama (and Daddy too) and both did an awesome job!  BRAVO!

The kiddos (God Bless) both had emotionally charged afternoons and evenings but even though that was the case, there were also some bright, fun and warm moments too!  

My husband John had time to blog tonight and although I haven't read it yet, I would imagine he had a chance to talk more about the day.  Check out Life and Times of John Krejcha to see.  I bet his blog today is more fun than mine, gosh darn it!

By the way, if you've been following my blog the past couple of days, you know that our 18th wedding anniversary is on Sunday, July 18th.  It's been one I've been looking forward to since 18 on the 18th only happens once!  John and I had hoped to do something very cool that evening but so far, we've been all out of luck in finding respite care and/or neighborhood babysitters.

Regardless of whether we find someone to help out, we'll still try to make the evening fun but if you are the praying type, if you could just say a little prayer that John and I can get out for a few hours alone on a nice dinner date, that would be great.  We are keeping high hopes and already have the reservations at The Melting Pot in Portland. (It's a fondue place and we've never been but cheese, chocolate and fondue are all very much in my taste vocabulary and I'd very much love to go!)

Before I sign off, I want to send a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY for July 16th to my beautiful mother-in-law, Jan and for July 17th to my always sweet Aunt Joyce!  We hope your day was as special as you and that you had the chance to relax, refresh and treat yourself to something fun!

See you guys and gals on Saturday for more blogging!
If you have any topics you want me to talk about, just let me know!

Smiles for miles!


  1. Hey Karen,

    I know that you really wanted to share some of the things that we discovered about the people from lunch and the amazing stories.

    You wanted to share what a great looking guy you had lunch with (I would love to meet him)and all the fun you had.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work with CYB. I respect and think what you do is wonderful. Thanks for all of your support.

    I look forward to Saturday's Blog.

  2. Hi John,

    That great looking guy I had lunch with was YOU! My only regret is that you did not go all Holbrooke Grant / Tad Hamilton on me at the restaurant.

    Oh well, gotta leave a little something for the next date.

    Saturday's blog is up!