Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Date Night During the Day with Steve Carell and Tina Fey

Hello Aspierations Friends!

First, I just have to ask.... what do you think of the new blog look?  Please let me know. Seriously!  You are my viewers and I do care what you think.  If I do something drastic and it's a big red "X" (America's Got Talent reference), I'll lose visitors and I really do appreciate those of you who come here and spend time with me.

I'm still going to be playing around with the blog format over time and if you have any constructive suggestions for a relatively young blogger (well, not so young in age but young in blogging experience and certainly young in heart), I would love to hear them.

How can I make this better for you?  Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings.  Much... I mean, that's assuming I have feelings....wo-o-o, Feelings, wo-o-o Feelings....

I may sob a little but no soap opera tears, I promise.

Well, there may be a few soap opera tears, but no Niagara Falls or Old Faithful gushers.

Oh what the heck am I saying?  I'm just trying to bait you into commenting!  Despicable Me!  (That's for you, my dear little Ryan who has been running around the house for a week saying "pickle me" and "depickle me" and something that sounds like "pickle my nose" which incidentally, doesn't sound incredibly comfortable but it makes you giggle uncontrollably so who am I to judge?)

For about a week this movie premiere of "Despicable Me" has been played over and over again on our TV.  It's almost as popular a replay hit as Tom & Jerry which at first might seem like a plus for me since it's something different but for some reason,  I think I like Tom & Jerry just a little bit more...

I think this is much more of a little boys' movie than something of Mom's taste.  That's cool, though, 'cause when my kiddos are happy... and they're sitting still for more than 10 minutes...  it's "a good thing" as Martha would say.

Me quoting Martha Stewart?  Surely anyone who ever knew me should catch the irony here....  Remind me to send my Mom a link to my blog.

So anyway, speaking of movies, John and I decided to do something novel.  Today while Ryan was at Camp Kiddo and Justin was at Camp Evergreen (same place), John and I decided to take a "date break" during the DAY!  For just a few hours, we would leave work behind and hopefully calls from frazzled camp counselors and go on a MOVIE DATE!

It only seemed fitting to see "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.  Well, I suppose it would have been more fitting if we actually had seen the movie at night but I'm not complaining.  We figured there would be about two or three other couples in the theatre and we were right.

I'm a fan of Tina Fey from her days at SNL where she did the Late Night News with Jimmy Fallon.  I've always appreciated her wit and her writing.  Smart funny women that are a bit quirky I can get!  I haven't watched her "30 Rock" show because if you saw my earlier blog from the other day about The Closer and The Closer - Vancouver, I'm too busy watching TV late at night trying to see dead people.

Anyway, as far as the movie goes, it was worth the $3 ticket.  Not sure about the value of the $8 popcorn and $6 soda my husband got.  The movie place lures you in with $3 tickets and then by the time you're done with "snacks", it's $20. No biggie, though.  It was afterall, a date!  A movie back in California is still more expensive.  Next time though, I might sneak in a snack.  :-)

So anyway, part of the reason we were going on this date is that our 18 year wedding anniversary is coming up on the 18th.  John and I will be married for eighteen years on Sunday, July 18th!  For a numbers-oriented gal, that's pretty cool...  and an anniversary that only comes around once.

We wanted to do something really amazing and cool, like spend a week or two at The Atlantis (check out the link and you'll see why) or recreate our honeymoon to Disneyworld and a Caribbean cruise but since my money tree hasn't yet sprouted up in the backyard, we decided to do little mini-dates for a couple hours each day today, tomorrow and Friday while the boys are still in day camp.  Then on Sunday, we're going to go to a picnic for the Autism Society of Washington and pursue our Aspierations there.  In the evening, hopefully we'll be able to get a babysitter and maybe go have a Fondue date in Portland.

All the mini-dates for our little staycation we'll try to make as fun as can be but for years, John and I have hoped for a vacation that was with our family (us and the boys) where we could get away for just a little bit while someone watched the kiddos.  All our trips since our initial honeymoon have either been work-related (bowling or Count Your Beans) or have been visits to see extended family (which is fine and rewarding and if any family is reading, PLEASE don't get hurt or offended because this isn't about not wanting to see you), but sometimes you just want something separate too that is romantic, re-energizing or provides family bonding time for you and your own little family unit.

I think any relationship could use this at some point and I think when you are parents of children with special needs where days and evenings can be quite exhausting, the idea for a week getaway to a place like The Atlantis in the Bahamas where the kids can have a blast and we can also have our fun sounds like what the doctor ordered.

I'm not trying to come across as selfish in a bad way but I want my marriage to have high expectations too and part of that is living our life fully, being able to travel, pursue happiness and wellness and being able to be at our best.  Occasionally you need a recharge to do that. I guess I was a bit bummed by not being able to get away for ourselves and as I was watching the movie, "Date Night", it was a cute escape and  a lot of fun but I couldn't help but relate sometimes to the couple... in a comedic and slightly sad kind of way.  But it's all good. Come As You Are - Let Your Light Shine -- means making your relationship work wherever you are at this point in time. (Hopefully your partner will agree!)

I don't really consider myself materialistic or super girly girly (let's see... I have about 3 or 4 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, almost all my jewelry has come from John and most of my daily fashion consists of various tiger-themed t-shirts which John has purchased for me... which by the way, I must point out is a really GRRReat collection) but there comes a time sometimes, just once in awhile... when just for a short time that I want to be romanced and spoiled a bit and not have to worry about the kids, the  bills, the mortgage or the business.   For one night, this Mom and grown up tomboy wants to be Cinderella... appreciated, spoiled, romanced, wined, dined, patted on the behind (it rhymed...)

I want to say, hey... let's LIVE our lives and let's make some sort of romantic vacation thing work... let's do it for us and the relationship.... but then the practicality and reality of current life comes back into play.

I was thinking for the future maybe to do public speaking with Aspierations... a kind of motivational speaking where we travel for certain points in the year and tell our stories, help others who are on the spectrum or who are parenting or giving care to spectrum children, teens or adults.  Then while we travel and work, we can also take a little time to play and enjoy the sites.  High expectations lead to great things!

So for now, I'm going to appreciate what I have, enjoy my mini-dates and staycations and try to improve my relationships and I realize that I'm already blessed and have way more than so many.  Some of the most romantic and touching moments are the little things in life anyway.  Vacations may sound like fun but there are a lot of little things you can do at home and locally to keep the relationship vibrant if you want to.

Here's to higher expectations for all relationships....

May you have the love you're looking for....

May you have date night during the day, afternoon, evening or whenever... MAKE the time!

May you communicate with your loved one and tell him/her how you feel.

Appreciate the little things your loved one does for they are the glue that holds the relationship together many times...

Compliment your loved one at least 3 times each day.

Leave little notes in unexpected places at unexpected times letting your loved one know he or she is thought of, cared about and appreciated for all he or she does.

Remember to snuggle.  You can't underestimate the power of snuggling, cuddling and spooning.

Love each other fully, completely, passionately and definitely with a sense of humor!!

May you dance like it was the first dance of your wedding night over and over again... (but not the third because that's when someone tripped into my gown and I almost went crashing to the floor.)

May you carry your lady over the threshold just for the heck of it.  (Or if she's a healthy gal like me, maybe your threshold will be in the water!  It's all good, just do it!  Be silly, be fun, be romantic.  Who cares what others think?  This is for you and your partner. )

Oh yes, and whatever your romantic and Aspierations for love may be...
Tell me what you think of my new blog look!  THANKS!

I'm in a fun and funky mood tonight but hope you enjoyed my writings anyway!  If so, leave me a comment, donate to my The Atlantis trip fund or go snuggle with your sweetie!

Happiness, health, hope and humor,


  1. So glad you mentioned the new look because I thought my computer was going bonkers! LOL! Actually, the new look is fine, the old one was, too, but the font size is coming through very large here. I don't know if that is what you intended or not, but wanted to mention it. I checked my computer font size and screen size and all is well on this end. If you are looking to save cyber space, thought you might wwant to know. In any case, large or small font, I enjoy your humor and continue to enjoy your site. Congratulations on 18 years! Hope you both do something extra special!

  2. Hi June!
    Thanks for your feedback! It's always great hearing from you.

    I did increase the font size some. Hope it isn't too overbearing. I thought it might be easier on the eyes but don't want it too big to send people away. The main font size for my posts should currently be 14. I dropped from 15 and may play around with it some more just to keep people on their toes. :-)

    What browser are you using and what is your monitor size/resolution?

    I've tested so far on IE, Google Chrome and FireFox. I have not tested on Safari, so if you or anyone out there is viewing with Safari (Mac/PC), please let me know.

    Thanks again for your kind words and congratulations! :-)


  3. Okay, I'm feeling pretty fickle. I tried playing around with the design editor again. I lowered the font size to 13 and type is now Arial. I'm viewing with Windows Vista with 1024 x 768 resolution.

    If anyone has any viewing issues, whether that be text size, text color, pictures or anything else, please let me know.

    If you give me your feedback and know your Browser, Operating System and Screen Resolution that will be helpful too.

    Thanks for your input!

    Thanks Aspierations Friends!

  4. Great blogs Karen! I'm on Safari and it looks great. It looked great before so no worries. You're so funny and as commented a few days/weeks ago... HOT! Thanks for the romance tips. Keep 'em coming!

  5. Well hello, my Safari friend!

    (Given my love for tigers, I should probably be using YOUR browser!)

    Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm happy and relieved to hear that everything comes through okay on your screen too. I'm a bit of a tech nerd (I call it Geek Chic) but seem to know just enough to get myself massively messed up at just the wrong time!

    Thank you also for your kind and complimentary words! Much appreciated! Nice to know you are a repeat visitor! :-)

    I did have to smile when you thanked me for the romance tips. Although I'm sure many are much more qualified for dispensing advice in that arena, I have been a romantic since late teens... whether it be love or dreams... I hope that is one quality in me that will transcend time. Sometimes when you're a parent, romance can drop so easily to the back of the list but you can't let it consistently do so if a relationship is to sustain time.

    Listen to my song list from a few blogs back and you'll see a bit of my romantic flair.

    Thanks so much again for stopping by my blog. I do hope you'll be back and comment for me again. :-)


  6. Hi, Karen,
    I never thought much about my screen resolution, so I checked it out and it happened to be on 800x600 (Internet Explorer), so I have been living in an extra large cyber world unknowlingly! I changed it to 1024 x768 and your site word size was much smaller! Yikes, who knew? I wonder what the rest of the world sets theirs at? I think my husband set it for the larger (I'll blame him!) But please, please don't change because of me, OK?!! Large or small, I'll keep coming back!




  8. Thanks so much again for the feedback.

    @Anonymous / CAPS - John laughed at that movie line very heartily. I wasn't sure whether it was socially inappropriate to laugh or not... so I did anyway.

    John and I had not been to a movie by ourselves in a long time. One of the last ones we had gone to was "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton". (I like contests and sweepstakes so we picked the movie out because of the name.) In that movie, there is a guy who also is known for having his shirt off as well.

    I'm pretty sure my husband is beginning to question my movie choice preferences...